Thursday, October 1, 2009

Living by Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson has been one of my favourite Designers for a very long time. Her attention to detail and ability to bring a warm and very chic space together seems effortless. I especially love her range of furniture and how she creates little spots to read and relax.
This room is just lovely. The detail on the linen chairs is beautiful. I miss that I can't watch her show on TV was one of my favourites!!
Sarah has really created the ideal coastal living room here. She always seems to get the colour right and doesn't go too over the top with it all.
I must say though, I do love her calming spaces as well - like this little seating nook in a bedroom. For more on this very talented Designer - visit HERE.
Ness xx


  1. I too love Sarah's designs. I loved her shows. Thanks for the link to her website. I can at least keep up with her now. Love your blog by the way! :)

  2. I was very sad when my hubby changed our Foxtel subscription so that we now get more sport instead of the How TO Channel with Sarah's show!! (Gotta love these men!) Her interiors are never over-styled but look as though you could move right in.
    Clare x

  3. Thank you for showing this wonderful designer on your blog! She is now on my favorite designer list.
    By the way, are you familiar with our Norwegian designer, Helene Hennie?
    Here is a link to Slettvoll, the producer of many of her designs.

    Have a great day!
    Anette Willemine

  4. Hi Ness,

    I must have been hiding under a rock somewhere 'cause until I seen your list of favourite designers, I had never heard of Sarah Richardson. Love the pictures you've posted today of the lounge room. I agree, not overstyled, beautiful but also achievable and I'm sure if you stood in this room it would have a nice "feel right" feel to it...then you know it's perfect! (Do you think anyone would notice if I carried the wing-back chair out!!!!!LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Wing-backed chairs (sigh)). I'll call in tomorrow!!!

    N.W. Coast

  5. Hi Ness, thanks so much for introducing me to such a great designer (I'm a bit embarrassed that I had never heard of Sarah Richardson before). Have a great day. Lee :)

  6. I agree, Sarah's style is gorgeous - she has that "fresh" trademark all stitched up!

  7. Wonderful to see you feature a Canadian designer.....we do have some fabulous creative talent here in Canada and Sarah Richardson is one of our best!

  8. love and MISS sarah!! there are so few good design shows on t.v. right now! i am not interested in someone buying their first house or cleaning their closets! you should have a show.

  9. she is my absolute favorite too!
    i will set my alarm to watch her shows on the weekends!

  10. Wonderful interiors by a very talented designer...nothing quirky, just simplistic style...lovely, Ness. XXXX

  11. Beautiful work, thanks for sharing it with us

  12. Sarah is on All day on the FYI network every monday.


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