Monday, October 19, 2009

Todays Project...Blackboard and Bakelite!!

This was our phone area the other day...lacking...what to do, what to do? I know! I will turn this panel into a chalkboard...makes sense. I am always looking for pen and paper.
Step 1- Remove the ugly keys hanger that came with the house.
Step 2- Give the panel a light sand to give the paint something to key to.
Here is the paint I used. Water based, no fuss...brilliant!
Step 3- Paint on 2 thin coats with drying time between.
Step 4- Once dry, rub white chalk over entire board. Then rub it all in with a dry cloth for that softer, used, school board look.
Step 5- Hang small cup hooks to hang our keys from and test out with a few messages that I had better not forget!
Step 6- Put everything back......and add my 'new' Bakelite phone that Mum brought on the plane with her..yay!
Isn't it great? Still needs a good shining and clean, but I think it is just perfect for this space and goes so well with our old home.
Voila!! project done.
What do you think??
Ness xx


  1. Hey Ness,

    How do you plan to clean your phone? We have one here that's been in the house since phones were introduced in India. Quite dusty and has lost its lustre a bit in the Indian heat. I read somewhere that beeswax polish does wonders for Bakelite but haven't tried it yet. Any tips would be great!

    Frangipani Decor

  2. Looks great! I love chalkboard paint and am V jealous of your lovely bakelite phone!

  3. Love it Ness! You are such a clever lady!

  4. Love the chalkboard - practical and looks great.x Caroline

  5. The chalkboard looks great, I have just finished a little chalkboard project myself and find it so useful (especially with my bad memory!). Danielle x

  6. Ness,
    I love it! Also a good idea for a children's room!
    Wonderful post Ness!


  7. Fabulous Ness. It looks great! A-M xx

  8. OOh, lovely! What a difference! And so useful!

  9. i love this !!
    you did a great job. i have always wondered how this was applied and how it came out.
    the keys are a nice touch too.

  10. What a great idea - it is amazing that such a small change can make such a big difference. I love it! Lori

  11. Cool!! I want a chalkboard wall!!

  12. Great job! You will LOVE having this in there!

  13. Hi, It looks wonderful! Have a sweet day!

  14. oh that's amazing Ness! such a good idea! xo

  15. I think that you're pretty darn clever !!!! It looks great.... a brilliant makeover and , I would think, not too much money. XXXX

  16. That looks terrific Ness, I couldn't live without my blackboard in the kitchen - but it's never big enough. The wall is perfect! Janette

  17. So simple and so simply stunning. The best answers are always the simple and classic ones. Wicked good job. Love that big vase of green too. :)
    xo Terri

  18. Fabulous idea.
    Looks wonderful

  19. Super job Ness, you've really transformed that area. Did you use a brush or roller to apply the paint? If it was a roller, was it foam or standard material?
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. Before I do this at our place, there will be certain ground rules laid down to MOTH about the sort of messages he CAN'T leave!

  20. Good place for a chalkboard, I have a huge old slate board in my kitchen from a girls school and I cant imagine life without it now. Yours would look nice with an old crusty, chippy painted or old gold gilt frame around it to finish the edges and give it some dimension.


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