Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back To My Roots...

My head is pounding thinking about this barn store and I am sure you are over hearing about it so I am posting some shots that take me back to my roots of styling, decorating and of course, white, vanilla, cream......
via Belgian pearls
The gorgeous Greet had this image on her blog, Belgian Pearls (a new fave of mine) a little while ago and I immediately fell in love. Probably a bit frou-frou for the direction I have gone lately...but gorgeous either way. It reminds me of an apartment in Paris with all of the decorative finishes and high ornate ceilings.
via tutti chic
This is just me! matalasse linen, mirrored armoire, chandelier (I love them completely again!), white floors and white, white, white. I would love to have a nursery like this...not that I will be having any more babies...but one can dream!

via hjemmetsgleder blog
Loving these two chaises covered in white with my favourite hint of soft grey and loads of texture. The canvas in the background is so beautiful.
All of the photos have reminded me what I am all about.
Ness xx


  1. I don't mind reading about your barn store plans! It's interesting and exciting!

    Have a nice day!

  2. Ness,

    I love the first picture, love all the white then wood. The wooden armoire is to die to, just beautiful! Love the last picture with the white slip-covered chairs, textured cushions and I agree with you about the textured canvas...again beautiful.

    Have a great day tomorrow

    N.W. Coast

  3. Hi Ness, so sorry to hear that your plans for your barn store is making you somewhat stressed. If ever you need to talk just call me. Please dont hesitate i too have some tales to tell that may soften your troubles. Amanda

  4. love those two chaises with cozy blankets! I can imagine myself all curled up there! have a great day, darling! xo

  5. Yum - that last photo is my favorite. Perfect for my hubby and me to plop down after a long day, sipping something tasty, reading, and chatting. That linen pillow with the scrunchy-ruffle is just the righ shot of femininity with the heavy,masculine (concrete?) table and wooden lamp base. I love the juxtopsition of materials, the play of girly and manly.

    Great room :)


  6. I am jumping up and down screaming right now. LOL. That first photo is just amazing. The nursery, is beyond amazing. That last photo - I cannot even tell you what it has done to my heart. Gray is my new heartstring, don't know why, can't explain it, but wow!!!

  7. oh how I love bright white spaces! they feel so dreamy

  8. The canvas in the last shot is giving me palpitations. I would love to something similar. White is just 'the best'.

  9. The barn store will come together beautifully. Staying true to yourself is what it is all about! Lovely images!

  10. Hi Ness,
    I'm about to end that chapter of my life i.e owning a store, but to be honest even though I am ready for a new challenge I would not take back those years, they were simply the best years of my life! I opened my store with no business plan, a new born baby and 5 children and very little money. I had felt threatened in a tough recession to just walk away but something inside me made me fight all that much harder, I'm a stronger, more independent person I hope with the support of us all you find it within yourself to just take a chance, you wont look back, just go for it! p.s I'm a very slack blogger these days but I always stop by for a peak x

  11. Ness,

    Thank you so much for mentionning me in this beautiful post!!!


  12. These shots are divine! They are so dreamy and inviting. I know you're going to enjoy the new chapter in your life, I went through the same thing and in the end, it means freedom. Not from work but from any restrictions. Sky's the limit!

  13. Hi,
    I love this style!
    So amazing!
    But also so unpractical..when I saw that child in white room..I think it wouldn't stay so clean for more than 10 minutes.
    But for watching it is awesome!


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