Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brickmakers finalists - voting starts Monday!!

The gorgeous Brooke Giannetti is holding an amazing competition where readers recently sent in shots of a room, like the one above, that they thought needed the Brickmakers table...there is 3 of the tables to be given away! Brooke kindly asked me to be one of the judges and after quite a few hours of looking at the 170 entries...I had to choose 5!!
Now we need your help. Head over to Velvet & Linen tomorrow (Monday 23rd Nov) to vote for the finalists. There are some great rooms to choose from.
Thanks Brooke for including me.
Ness xx


  1. Hi Ness,
    I feel so quilty not have red all of your beautiful posts you did this week! So little time this week! Sorry about that!!But today I did and they are wonderful as usual!
    Ness, I was also a judge for the brickmaker's table and I am so curious about the result!!!! Aren't you???


  2. Such a great contest, good luck choosing. Love all your images over the last few posts...such a great fix to start the week. Thanks. Trish

  3. I agree with Greet! I was also a judge and so interested to see what rooms the other bloggers chose!! Can't wait to see the results!! I thought the task very difficult as there were so many beautiful rooms!

  4. I am heading over there now, what a great competition you are involved in.

  5. Hi again, having trouble with the it me?

  6. this contest has me soooo excited! I can't wait to see who are in the top ten. (I hope I make it..but I'm not holding my breath!) They are some uh-mazing entries.

  7. Hi Ness.

    So sorry I missed all of your posts this week.
    The give away was a wonderful yet crazy experience.
    Thank you so so much for helping to vote for the 10 finalists. I really couldn't imagine doing this without you.



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