Friday, November 20, 2009

Is this the place????

Today I visited my friends home and....her tree is up! All the trimmings, everything. They are going on vacation soon and thought they would get some festive time with their tree for the kids sake.
So, after seeing this beautiful image in Australian Home Beautiful I am itching more to put ours up. The simplicity of this tree and the handmade factor it embodies is something I am looking at re creating this year - but where will I put the tree?

This is the space I am thinking of.
The photo is a bit dark, I know, but our little Mason (3) was asleep after a long morning and raining, so I didn't use the flash...anyway...
The living room has been changed around since last Christmas and I would have loved to put the tree on the opposite of these doors, but the TV unit is there and I don't think Mic is keen on adjusting the cables etc to accommodate the tree.
This was last years tree...and the only decorating I pretty much done because of the mammoth painting project we had on. This is also where I would love to have the tree (you can see there is no doors here then...and no TV unit!). Our tree wont have as much colour on it this year as I mentioned in a previous post that it will be white, silver and gold, with linen too. I really want that handmade feel and I always think these are the kind of decorations that Declan (5) and Mason (3) will remember more...not heaps of store bought ones that all look the same.
I plan on getting them to make their own one each year.

Pottery Barn
Now, I would love to have the tree beside a roaring fire will mulled wine simmering on the stove...but it will be beside the wide open French doors with cold home made Irish Cream in chilled glasses instead.

Please someone tell me I can start!

Ness xx
image 2 + 3 by me.


  1. As my sweet mama would say, "Whatever makes you happy!"

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Your house looks lovely! (This is coming from a gal who has yet to refinish her wood floors..yours look beautiful!)

  2. Hi Ness, it's close enough for December...Go For It! Your tree sounds like it's going to look utterly gorgeous. Lee :)

  3. START!! I'm doing the decorating on Nov 30th (hopefully Stella'll (baby no 2) be here by then!!) :)

  4. Hi Ness,
    this is my first visit to your blog whish much tomy pleasure I've just discovered thru a link somewhere.
    Your blog is absolutely wonderful, with a lot of charm and inspiration. It does show your talent and inclinations.
    Will come and visit often for yet more inspiration.
    have a great weekend.
    Hopefully ours in Italy will be sunny and even qite warm for the season.

  5. You go, girl! Get decorating. I didn't put up a single decoration last year because we were out of town and I'm just itching to lug my boxes of decorations out of the closet.

  6. oh yes, start Ness please! I can't wait to see it!
    hope you have a lovely weekend! xo

  7. Yes, go ahead and start.....when you are finished come and do mine too!

  8. I have a Christmas loving friend joining us for Thanksgiving and I'm considering putting up at least two of the trees early for her. Yes, two. We put up three. I say, go for it!!

  9. Your tree will be beautiful, can't wait to see it. The Home Beautiful picture is taken at a friend of mines house and all her handmade creations are gorgeous and very inspiring!

  10. Thanks for stopping by yesterday and leaving a comment Ness. I may end up following your advice and using real pine elsewhere. Can't wait to see your tree.x Caroline

  11. Hi Ness, just do it!! I put my tree up last week, it's soooooo beautiful, I adore Christmas!! I've posted all the pictures on my blog, check it out...
    a touch of this, and a dash of that

    Enjoy!! Helen M

  12. All of these wonderful Christmas posts I am starting to see are getting me into the spirit of the season!

    When do you usually put the tree up? In the US, we have a natural delineation between Thanksgiving and Christmas; many families traditionally start decorating right after Thanksgiving.

    Thank you for your kind words to my daughter - for the first time ever, my daughter sees the international bonds that my blog creates!

    This little project has also prompted me to update my blog list, which was erased a few weeks ago when I transitioned to a new web site. I just re-added you to the list!

  13. Do it. Our tree will be up today. I like to get the decos up end of November so we can enjoy them. I have done handmade this year, and its been soooo much fun, although quite timetaking.

  14. I think that you should start whenever you want.
    We don't start with decorations until about 2 weeks before Christmas.Travelling through blogland I have noticed that many people start their decorating early. We always have a real Christmas tree and, if we brought it in too early, it will die. I think that most Australians and Americans have fake trees. They still look very pretty though, and it must be very difficult to find a real Christmas tree in the height of summer, Ness XXXX

  15. Oh I'm feeling Christmasy from your post. Wait, no I'm not. It continues to be 87 out here!

    Your tree will be lovely there. Like your simplified idea. And kids home-made decorations are THE
    BEST! I would truly run through the burning house to retrieve them. I love carefully putting them up each year.
    Merry Christmas....and let the games begin!

  16. Ready, Steady, ...GO!!!!

    I've already decorated all the apartment ( I wish I had an house with a garden and a Patio!!!). I know that for most pepople it's a bit earlier but I like to enjoy Christmas atmosphre for long ...

    I'm running a giveaway... I hope you'll come to visit me and enjoy it!

    have a great Sunday!

  17. I love the idea of handmade tree ornaments. But, I can't let go of my glam... so I have one in my son's room for the handmade and another in our living area. Happy decorating!!!

    Fabulous Finds Gal


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