Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Its not Christmas without linen!

Linen at Christmas time looks so beautiful and I dreamt up so many decorative uses for it last year that I plan to do this year. Linen stockings for one to go with the wrapping for this year.

Linen napkins with fresh greenery to jazz up the table and keep it fresh looking for our warm Christmas day.
I would love to have some linen grain sack cushions to fill up our chaise which will be getting moved outside this year...lets hope it doesn't rain!

...and I plan to make a big version of my hand towels this year to use as a table runner. I am just realising now that I am going to be extremely busy this year - whats new!
Ness xx
image 1 -via Villa Anna, 2-bhg, 3-Raphael designs, 4- me


  1. If I could only figure out a way to:

    1. never sleep
    2. clone myself
    3. Stay off-line

    I could get a small percentage of all the things I want to accomplish done!

    'till then....back to my Fantastic Mr. Fox ornament! Love your blog!

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous, I love the first one. Linen is just so beautiful, I have big plans too for christmas sewing and the time is ticking away!

  3. Hi Ness!
    Linen is a beautiful fabric, and can never be outdated. I use it a lot!
    Goog luck with your sewing!
    Have a lovely day!
    Anette Willemine xx

  4. Very busy Ness....the wreaths for a start and all the linen sewing. You are an inspiration with all these wonderful ideas....xv

  5. Linen is a beautiful fabric, you can make a lot of beautiful things of it. Beautiful pictures!

    Have a nice day!


  6. Linen is absolutely beautiful, it's purity is matched only by it's versatility, so I'm really loving that first picture of the linen stockings hung on a sleigh...just beautiful!!
    Helen M

  7. i could not agree more! LOVE those photos. Lori

  8. How do you sleep at night with all these ideas Ness? So many ideas and so little away!

  9. love love love linen~
    I can't wait to see what you do!

  10. GORGEOUS!! Linen will be beautiful for Christmas!

    :) T

  11. I so love the linen napkins and hand towels ..... beautiful, Ness. XXXX

  12. linen and burlap -- both natural and beautiful! every idea is wonderful!!

  13. LOVE linen... my life revolves around linen... your things look lovely... x pam


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