Monday, November 9, 2009

New Life...and New Tags!

We had perfect weather over the last few days and it is so nice to be outside again. Last night while we were playing Cricket with the boys, we found this little nest with 3 little baby birds snuggled inside in one of my rose bushes (whilst looking for the ball!). Don't worry, I didn't climb up to take this photo. The nest is about chest high and right at the edge of the bush. Now, I just have to keep the boys away from it
I also wanted to show you some new tags for the store. 'Herald Angel' is a new one for Christmas this year. A set of 2 is US$6.00.

The next ones are great for all year round and I love the 'Blackbird' tag as it indulges my thing for birds! Set of 2 is US$6.00.

Another sweetie is the 'Butterfly' tags. The design on this is beautiful.
Set of 2 is US$6.00.

I haven't listed this one yet and I will hopefully be doing it sometime today or tomorrow. It is a little flourish design and would be great for Christmas, but I can see it just as happy dressing up a Wedding gift, Christening, Birthday gift...actually anything. It would also look lovely on your tree this year.
I hope you like my new tags. If you want to see the entire range click HERE.
Have a beautiful day.
Ness xx
all images by me


  1. The tags are just gorgeous Ness, xv.

  2. Dear Ness,
    I love your tags! I really would like to have these! But I am afraid that it would be too expensive to send them over to Belgium!


  3. The tags look wonderful on the gorgeous packages. (They would look lovely attached to a white covered book, to be used as a book mark, ha ha) sorry I missed your email about the books Ness, will attend to that after work today.

  4. I purchased some of your tags last Christmas - would love some more but would prefer not to do it through Etsy. Is there any other way.


  5. Woops, forgot to say I am in Launceston.


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