Friday, November 13, 2009

Planning For An Aussie Christmas

This image above could be France, could be Australia...but only in Australia could you do this at Christmas time! Most Aussies spend Christmas day outdoors as it is usually stinking hot, and being inside with the oven going is a no-no. Most Australians have a cold lunch these days, some still do the traditional fare and others do a mix our Family.
This image from Designers Guild looks like an Aussie Christmas lunch setting..and while I was vacuuming today with carols going (I love Christmas ok!), I thought of what I will do in our place this year as Christmas is always here. Last year I couldn't do a lot as there was painting happening right up until Christmas Eve and after!!
I plan for something good this year.

Which lead me to these images from Notebook Magazine. This advent calender is a wonderful idea and is so much nicer than a Ben-10 calendar filled with bad chocolate!
It is made with Indian cotton and uses basic sewing skills and some pinking scissors. You could even fringe the edges if you didn't have fancy scissors. I also love that is is in white which I plan to use a lot of this year.
For those of you who don't have room for a tree...fear not! You can just grab a sculptural looking branch from outside and hang some beautiful baubles from it. The base of this has been placed in a wire basket and surrounded with white fairy like!

I am truly loving this table and after seeing this image , I plan to make a linen runner like this out of some 120 year old linen I recently bought. The fact that is simple and there seems to be no fuss involved (I am sure there was) has sold this to me. But as always, I will be the one with a countdown list of things that have to be done to make the day as special as it should won't be a white Christmas here in Australia - just at our place!
Have a wonderful weekend and thank you to all for the lovely comments and emails this week. You really have helped me.
Ness xx
Image 1, 3, 4, 5 - Notebook Magazine
Image 2 - Designers Guild


  1. I found your site a little while ago and have so enjoyed your posts! While I am looking foward to a cold and wintery christmas, yours looks enticing too!

  2. love, love this post, Ness! is pretty hot here by Christmas too, these tables are perfect! hope you have a lovely weekend! xo

  3. I can't wait to have a summer Christmas. I have always wanted a pool party for my birthday as a little girl, but my birthday is Dec. 22 and I was lucky if anyone even showed up to my party. Love the images. Have a great weekend, Heidi

  4. Ness,

    You gave us inspiration!!! A love the advent calender! Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Have a nice weekend!


  5. Hi,

    I just found your blog. It looks sooo stylish! Have a good weekend!

    groetjes, Madelief

  6. I fill large urns with branches in some areas because we have a small home - I also use feather trees - our climate it Christmas is not warm though. Jennifer

  7. Being English, it seems so stange to have Christmas Day outside !!.... but it is just the norm for you.
    Wonderful images of Christmas, with some ideas that we can take and use in our own homes.
    Have a great weekend, Ness. XXXX

  8. This is so difficult to wrap my brain around. Hot weather at Christmas. I have been too influenced by Dickens I suppose!!

  9. Love all of the images. I'm loving Christmas more and more as I'm getting older. Go figure.

  10. Hi,
    I would like just for one time to experience how is it to celebrate Christmas outside ... in garden full of blooming flowers (with lots of insects also :-))
    It is soo unimaginable for mee!

  11. I love how you have captured the simplicity of Christmas right here! You have got me in the spirit~~

    xo noel

  12. So beautiful, Ness. That last image especially - texture central :) Why do I not own a single turned wood cnadlestick? They're so lovely.


  13. Thanks for the images & lovely ideas Ness. I always have such good intentions for Christmas Day - just need to make sure I am organised enough to carry them out this year!!

  14. Your blog = love love love & love!!

    Footprints from the very very south part of Sweden, through....


  15. It's fun hearing what you all do for Christmas in a warm climate. I love using branches, too. Sounds like you'll be having a "white" Christmas, too, even tho it's a different kind of "white".

  16. Winters here in Texas can be unpredictable and I have have spent some Christmases in shorts. It would be nice to be able to plan definitively one way or the other.

    Love the photos!

  17. I know I sound boring if I say I love christmas cause who doesn't!?
    But I have an obsession and an addiction about christmas... I have already made the tree and almost decorated all the house!

    Do you think is too soon?


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