Monday, November 2, 2009

Wedding Styling by Me

The Bride and Groom.
Saturday was a perfect day for styling a wedding, beautiful sunny weather and warm.
The day went off without a hitch and after hearing me babble on about it for the last while, I thought I would show you the photos of what went on.
Here is the reception venue, well what I started with anyway.

And here it is after it was dressed for the day, well a bit of it anyway.
The venue is gorgeous with the most brilliant of water views...and the fact that it was all white was a great canvas to work with.

This is the table that greeted the guests. I had set up the guest book and some cameras so you could take a photo of you and your partner, which will be developed and stuck in the book alongside the comment from each of the guests. I also re-used one of the church pew bunches to lay on this table. It is the bunch of native branches with the glass heart and ribbon (I have just realised I didn't get any shots from the church, so once the real photos come back, I will post them). A little white lantern and one of my soft gold coloured antique jugs (that went wonderfully with the brides gown) that was filled with Irises, Daisies and twisted willow finished of this table.
Here is the gift table...with a view!
I made a large wreath out of the twisted willow and tied the Brides favourite heart with some soft gold organza ribbon and tucked in one of my clay tags that said 'thank you'. Also, one of the pew bunches was placed at the bottom of the wreath with another soft gold jug filled with the flowers and a little white lantern.

It all worked so well together!!
The tables were arranged with glass vases filled with Irises (which is what the Bride carried), Daisies (the flower girls and grooms flowers) and willow. I also added bowls of pink (a Brides fave colour) and white marshmallows so the guests could have a little nibble between courses. Eight glass tea light jars surrounded the vase for warmth...and seeing it was a lunch time wedding there was no huge need for lots of candle light- but its always nice to have some.
Hearts was the theme along with gold and purple, so I made up clay hearts and hand stamped each guests name and a small heart onto all of the place tags and tied a thin purple ribbon on each. This became the gift for each person to take with them.
this was the Brides' setting. The menu which was printed in the font from the invitations was placed under each plate.
Here I am with my lovely friends (from left) Krista, the Bride- Bernadette, me and Narelle. It was such a lovely day and I thank Jason and Bernadette for letting me be such a big part of their special day. I can rest!
Ness xx


  1. How beautiful and yes indeed, what a view!
    Great job, NM.

  2. It looks great!

    Hope you had a nice day :)

  3. Wow! You have done such a great job. I love the floral centrepieces on the tables and the marshmallow idea but most of all - I love the clay hearts. Just beautiful!!

  4. what an awesome job, ness! congratulations to the happy couple and well done, you - put your feet up for a few days!!

  5. Ness what a gorgeous wedding. You have done a sensational job.

  6. Wow Ness....a lot of hard work but, boy did it pay off. It all looks so beautiful...well done can't be easy and, I think that the pressure your under to make sure everything looks perfect, must be great.
    Can I just say, Ness that boot camp has certainly look fantastic. XXXX

  7. Ness, the styling is just lovely and you are looking slim and healthy you clever girl!
    Lisa xx

  8. so beautiful!!! you look gorgeous too!! what a fun day & i'm so glad it went so well...

  9. You girls are just so lovely. thanks for you kind words. It is so nice to have such supportive people around makes it all worth the while.
    Ness xx

  10. OMG is this Peppers at Georgetown TAS??? I have stayed there recently and just adore the place. You did a fabulous job at the styling/decorating. I especially love the hand stamped name cards.

  11. wow! amazing job, Ness! beautiful flowers! you look so pretty too! xo

  12. I wish I would have known you when I got married!
    So beautiful. So you!



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