Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are You Done Yet?

Are you ever really done decorating for the season?
I am not any where near where I had hoped to be this year. I had all good intentions, but have been so wrapped up in making for the markets this weekend, that I have still to complete our festive sprucing.
Instead, seeing it is a cold, rainy day today, I have been...
making more cushion covers!
This one is a new one, which I just love. I would like some of these for our sofa (which it is pictured on here), I think it works well together with my vintage linen ladder stiched cover.

I have also been working on some more new stockings for the markets. This cute little cherub is also earmarked to be printed on a cushion/pillow cover too.
See how miserable it is outside?

I have, however been putting a few of our decorations out, like Chelsea here (named after my niece with the same hair). She used to have a green dress on when I bought her, but I have since painted it white as well as a smaller one I have - looks so much prettier.

Our backdoor wreath and front door wreaths are done, but I have yet to do the window wreaths. Which reminds me, I have to make some twisted willow wreaths up for the markets too!
While I have been making my loads and loads of tags, I thought I would try a new design. This one is French script and I like how the ink is just here and there. These will probably go onto the etsy shoppe.

Country Living
Once Sunday is over, I hope to really get my act together and trim this house
with style - there is only about 17 days left from last count!!

Ness xx


  1. I love that last picture. I've been decorating like crazy! I think I'm done, but I keep finding new things to add to the house. I'm uploading all the pictures of our decorations to post tonight, so hopefully that will be motivation to not change anything, anymore.

  2. Such a busy time and sounds like you've been hitting it hard. Hope you get it all done. Love your French tags! And the colors in that last picture are so pretty.

  3. Thanks for all this inspiration and motivation! I too had all the best of intentions. Your blog motivated me and I just cleaned the house top to bottom. I will start to decorate tomorrow night. Great pictures! Thanks.

  4. Hi Ness,

    I just wanted to jump over here and let you know that you are on the front page of etsy right now! Congrats!


  5. Your new cushion is gorgeous and yes I agree that the decorating is never finished, besides I've only just started!

  6. You're going very well Ness - I haven't bought one gift, card or even a roll of Chrissie paper yet! Put up all the decorations on Sunday - & MOTH hasn't even noticed!
    Millie ^_^

  7. You seem to be doing a Great job so far, everything you made looks so exquisite! Its going to be a very merry christmas:)

  8. What a beatiful pictures.

    A wonderfull days.

    Gr Inka and Andre.

  9. No wonder you haven't had time Ness! These are lovely, especially the cherub stocking. I know you will catch up fast. XO

  10. Oh boy I've just got to make time to get to your etsy shop. I LOVE those french script tags!!!

  11. I love the front door! The basket with the greens and the sled is beautiful! Love your new french script tags! Wonderful!

  12. I love all your goodies! I am not generally a seasonal decorator, so I usually only slap a few bits together for the kiddies, but then I am busting to get it all packed away on Boxing Day ha! I much prefer the long-term decorating. But I just love looking and drooling at what everyone is doing :)

  13. I'm way behind too, just starting now and panicking a little too. Thank you for such a lovely comment it put a hug smile on my face xx


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