Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If I could just morph these!

Jill Sharp
Karyl Pierce Paxton
Yep, still waiting for the bathroom.
But I love looking at these two images. If I could morph them into each other...heaven!
Ness xx
Thanks to all who replied via email and on the blog about yesterdays post. I will stop stressing!


  1. ohh that first one makes my heart beating faster!
    well choosen Ness.

  2. Great imagery,
    love that little doggie in the window!

  3. That bathroom is so awesome with the really high ceiling.

  4. Now, I just have to locate all these things. Isnt that little dog too cute! Our two Border Collies would run amok in there!
    Ness xx

  5. let me know when you do and how to morph ... i'll be right there with you! =)


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