Thursday, December 3, 2009

My love for Mora...and a blog surprise

Homes and Gardens Mag
Nothing says Swedish style to me more than the Mora clock. I have never seen such a statement piece before that is more beautiful. I especially love how each Mora clock is unique because of the flaky paint that many Mora's now have because of their shows up other layers, colours from different decorating schemes, like a timeline of each Mora's history.
via willow Decor
My favourite ones are the grey and white hued Mora clocks and especially the ones that have a hand painted "Mora" on the clock face.
True antiques and exquisite masterpieces.

On another note, the lovely Michelle from the well know My Notting Hill blog, asked myself and other bloggers to "attend" a virtual Baby Shower for Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home blog fame. Lauren is due to have her second child this month and we all 'gave' Lauren presents which Michelle put into a surprise post. Go to the post and see what I gave Lauren by clicking HERE.
Thanks Michelle for asking me and good luck to you, Lauren.
Ness xx


  1. Love it...just so nostalgic big old clocks. Enjoy your blog..will come visit again. Anna x

  2. Ness what beautiful clocks you have featured.
    Just going to check the baby shower post

  3. Thank you so much for giving that clock design a name I had never heard or read that. Thanks for the help. I love them.

  4. I WANT that clock
    Great pics thanks for posting. Come visit me some time at for more decorating ideas

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  6. gorgeous and i wish i had a spot for one!!!!

    thank you so much for yesterday- you all are just too sweet!! it made my day (and today too! :)


  7. I too, love these clocks. I have a picture of one of them in my 'style file'and whenever I have a rummage through, I fall in love with it again.


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