Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Wishes

Mic asked me recently for the annual 'Christmas Wish List', I thought of a few things, but this year there isn't anything I am desperately hoping for...but I would like to add the following to that list...
Poulier & Poulier
One of these great tea towels (either Mosman or Bondi) from Poulier & Poulier. They will make a great wall hanging seeing I can't find a bus roll I am in love with yet...and they are only AU$29.95!
The Love Shop
Failing that, one of these gorgeous prints for The Love Shop would do.

Ooooh! Something like this lovely, but Mic will be saying "You can make that!"...I have heard this chant from everyone I know since I was small!!

I just love these marble pears from The Vintage Rose, the small ones are more me, I think 3 would be great as you know how much I like 3's.
...or a big 'N' for Ness...actually anything from The Vintage Rose would be perfect, thanks!
Other than that I am out of ideas.
Ness xx


  1. I just love the Mosman tea towel. It brings back such memories of my youth and travelling to and from school. I am of to order one immediately thank you

  2. Nice pic.:-) Just beautiful.:-)

  3. Those pears are too cute! I love the color of them.

  4. The bus roll idea has been on my wish list for so long, and because my husbands business involves design and printing, he has said he would do one for me. However why is it that people never get round to using their business to do stuff for their own families. Oh well, it'll probably happen one day.

  5. I like your wishing list, well I most of the time like all things graphic ;)

  6. I love the tea towel, the french print and the pears. I have that cushion with a slightly different picture but it is definitely from the same place.
    I hope that Santa brings you everything that you wish for, Ness. XXXX

  7. Hi, I was just reading your post when I read that you were looking for a bus roll? Last Sunday week we were in a place called Newstead, near Maldon/Castlemaine. A fabulous old shop called The Red Store (03 54762380) and in the window they had a bus roll hanging down. We commented because it had Earlwood (in Sydney) on it and we used to live there. Anyway, it was in excellent condition. Rambling aren't I? Just thought you might like to know and check it out! Have a great week.

  8. Hope Santa is good to you! Love the bits you have chosen :)

  9. Hi Ness, Thanks for your kind comment. I have enjoyed your blog for a while now. I enjoy reading your blog on Saturday or Sunday morning with my cup of coffee. I love the pillows and tags also, good luck with the store (keep following your dream). BTW yes I ship to Australia, I already put your name in. Thanks for stopping by, and keep the wonderful ideas and items coming.
    The Swedish Room

  10. Thanks Ness you are so sweet...saying all those lovely things about my store. I hope to see you at the market on the weekend and buy something from you....see you then.


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