Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wonderful White Wonders

Elle Decor
Living in a hot Christmas climate always makes me think of the winter white palette that the north of the world gets to play with at this time of year, and this picture above is a gorgeous reminder of how wonderfully whites and creams work with the festive touches that only this time of year can provide. But, even away from the season you all know that I am totally devoted to the warms white and cream family and these next images, although not Christmas related, show who wonderful they really are at any time of year.
Home Beautiful
White linen covers on sofa's and chairs is always a winner in my book, and a staple to any decorating scheme, along with blue and white china it is an enviable duo. Not to ever forget the tactile and textural wicker - always a friend of these two!

Sarah Richardson
Creamy white kitchen units paired with nickle is another winner, as teamed up here by one of my favourite designers, Sarah Richardson.

Country Living
Now, lets not forget the vintage and antique elements to really set off a white scheme. I have always loved blue mixed in with white and these ticking cushions are a wonderful pairing to all of the vintage artwork on the wall...and the bus roll!

Eric Roth Photography
..but, this is photo is a wonderful example of all of those details I love - Worn wood, wicker, sisal, white cupboards, linen, slipcovers, greenery, vintage lighting, antique/vintage pieces and all within a wonderfully white canvas. All that's needed now is some artwork or prints on the walls.
Is there anyone out there that is as smitten with these things as I am?? or am I just crackers, I am sure there are more of you.
Ness xx


  1. I love it!! I'm with you - slipcovers, antiques, sisal rugs, a bit of greenery - perfection.

  2. Ness..these are beautiful images...just so cosy and it. Thanks for sharing x

  3. Ooooh, I love that 'white Christmas' shot too! Its hot here too and although I wouldn't swap an Aussie Christmas for anything, I do love how festive snow looks!

  4. Count me in. I love all these want to transfer them to my own home.

  5. You are not alone Ness. Heart palpitations over all these things here too in sunny (snowless) Queensland. Boy, snow would have been nice here today... what a stinker. Blah, why do I live here again? I forget how hot it gets every year! A-M xx

  6. I am sooo with you on this one Ness. I absolutely love these colours, textures etc together and am trying (hopefully not in vain)to get this happening in my home.

  7. Ditto! Love the plays of textures and subtle color changes in these rooms.

  8. Well Ness,
    There are at least 8 of us that are crackers right there with you. Love it all.
    Have a great day tomorrow.
    Take Care
    N.W. Coast

  9. oh so lovely and inspiring images, Ness! I'm totally with you... whites, creams and silver are the most lovely colors for Christmas! xo

  10. You're right, that last one definitely needs something on the walls! Otherwise, it's perfect.

  11. Always images I dream of - thank you! Jennifer

  12. oh my.. i love love love your blog.. so happy i found it.. i will take som time now to look around, and i will come back soon.. thanks for shearing and happy christmas.. love from norway.

  13. It is perfect. I have always loved white and beautiful wood. Nothing more beautiful

  14. I love slipcovers too and now I am going to start collecting old mirrors-lovin your pics...


  15. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures, they are lovely inspiration. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your home.

  16. LOVE it, just love it. That mirror is a beauty, and yes that busroll, (again), it just keeps popping up and looking so perfect in a white scheme.

  17. All so beautiful. Couldn't pick a favouite - they are all fabulous

  18. I adore the white look and would like a lot more of it, but my husband likes colour and keeps destroying my plans, so I have given in. He is always sticking some ugly bright thing in the middle of my vignettes. Oh well - his house too! haha. Living in a VERY cold climate, I do think a touch of visual warmth is nice - the all white can feel VERY frosty when it's -25C outside (which it is here now!!!!!). Horrid!

    Love the pics. Yes, must be odd having a hot Christmas - never thought of that, as we always have cold and snow. I would LOVE to exchange with you....

    xo Terri

  19. funny thing....
    as i was doing the 'artist's studio ' post, i thought of you.
    because you have it!
    and you would definitely do it, and do it better.

  20. Janine,
    Well we must be a stylish group of nutters! Loving Interiors is an obsession as well as a passion and I am glad there are people like you out there who love it as much. =0)
    Ness xx

  21. ...just so cosy and it. Thanks for sharing x

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