Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Gorgeous picnic...

If you have been celebrating Australia Day, I hoped you enjoyed it...if not, I hope you enjoy these images of a beautiful picnic.
Ours was no where as stunning as this one, but just imagine for a second - packing up your vintage china and glasses, French linen napkins and a soft herringbone blanket in your vintage suitcase to head on out by the water for a feast with family and friends to celebrate what it is to be Australian.
When you arrive at your destination, you find the most beautiful shade tree, the type you would hang a tyre swing from, layout your blanket, turn on the soundtrack to Somethings Gotta Give and brake out your old Grans wooden board. Some fresh bread from that wood fire oven bakery you passed along the way and the most delightful cheese from the twilight farmers market gets the day off to a start while the B-B-Q is fired up, and not with the usual fare of steak, sausages etc, but marinated chicken, stuffed zucchini, eggplant and the like.
You watch the men and the kids play cricket and swim in the water.

While all this is happening you set up a zone with linen pillows, and an impromptu flower arrangement from daisies and lawn chamomile that were growing by your feet.
A table that was found by the water, left by others you cover in a spare blanket you have in the boot of the car...oh and you just happened to have some spare Tolix stools!!
This becomes your outdoor dining room ready for the feast.

I know it would never happen...but just play along OK?!
As the day wears on and full stomachs take hold, a afternoon nap is in order. You set up some little hurricanes from vintage mercury glass ready for the evening.
After the long day, the kids flake out under the umbrella, covered in the softest pashminas, a little sun kissed from all of the cricket and the swimming, and the grownups have a well deserved cup of coffee and a huge chunk of Pavlova while the sun dims...how Australian is that!!!?
Well, I hope you all liked my fanciful take on an Australian picnic - well it is what I would love anyway.
I love being Australian!
Ness xx
images- Aust Country Style


  1. Happy Australia Day! Picnic seems so lovely..reminding us spring is near..lulu

  2. Wow Ness!! Lovely images and it sounds like the perfect picnic. I would love to picnic like that anyday:) - Tina x

  3. I hope your day was fabulous anyway and whilst I loved every minute of your dream picnic I think the Australia Day picnic is a wee bit more basic. I wonder, is a bad thing though? Thank you for allowing me to share your vision Julienne

  4. Missing Home today - thank you for giving me my dream Australia Day also.

  5. Happy Australia Day Ness, love the photos. I am a lover of picnics but think that Mr FF would have something to say if I decided to bring our Louis canape with us :-)

    A bientot,

    Leeann x

  6. Ness,
    You transported me!!! I was there and I felt the sun and the breeze, if just for a fleeting moment. It is so very cold here! Beautiful, well written post!

  7. I know you had a fun day, yes we have picnics just like that in Texas, haha. We just have trouble finding places that don't have cow paddies or fire ant mounds. Lori

  8. Happy to play along! Images are great.

    Happy Australian Day!

  9. Oh how lovely and refreshing... We have snow flying today .... Hum you have taken me to a dream place...

  10. lovely lovely lovely...i recently read that one should leave comments on their favorite blogs even if they never have before but have been reading them for some time, as i have with yours....you always have the most inspiring pictures and posts and this one is spectacular as i sit here in 'rainy for a month' california... and that loveseat is to die for, the little story perfect for a lovely summer's day...thank you♥

  11. Beautiful and charming picnics indeed!

  12. Lovely Day! Great images. I love bouquets in jars. I have several boards like that from France, what does "old Grans board" mean? It was your grandmothers???

  13. Now that would be a picnic!! Hope you had a very lovely Australia Day!

  14. I'm in love with this picnic. Wish I was there. Love, Heidi

  15. How beautiful, Ness. The perfect picnic.....but, do you think that anyone actually does have a picnic like that ?
    I'm so pleased that you enjoyed Australia Day. XXXX

  16. I am enjoying winter, as usual. But these gorgeous photographs remind me of how wonderful summer can be!

  17. Spectacular! I just came across your blog today and it is wonderful!! I love the picnic posts! I love eating outdoors.
    Stop by and say Hi.

  18. Oh the perfect day Ness, just perfect! A-M xx

  19. It was fun to join your "picnic". Beautiful images!! Sounds like a great day to celebrate.

  20. Oh what a romantic setting. Just lovely ;) You find such beautiful inspiration!

  21. Isn't that Romantic.
    I love picnic's, Gorgeous is right.


  22. I've always aspired to having picnics like this but have never managed it in real life! Something always goes amiss - either the quince paste leaks, the quiche becomes soggy or I forget something crucial like the drink! But these images are such lovely inspiration, thank you x

  23. That was the most beautiful picnic I have ever attended. I love every photo!


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