Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Re purposing storage

Looking through some of my files and some of my favourite blogs for bathroom inspiration, I have found some wonderful cupboards and drawers that could be re-purposed into vanities and linen storage. This one above from Tricia Foley I saved for the worn wood on the top of the unit. I would love to have a top like this sealed with an organic bees wax that water just beads off.
This one I found via My Lovely Things and would make great linen storage don't you think?
Imagine it filled with loads of vintage Irish, French and Belgian linen pillow slips and crisp white sheets...nice. I do like the chairs in here too.

So cute!
I cant remember where I spied this image, so I am sorry. However, this is something I could really do in our bathroom. Although I would love pressed tin panels painted white behind the taps.
and finally this gorgeous set of drawers I viewed over at Shannon Frickes blog this morning from Anthropology. I would adore something quirky like this against all the white beaded board, except we would need four for each family member. I guess my drawer would be '2ND'.
This is high on the list for a vanity replacement!
Ness xx


  1. What a fantastic collection of photos. All these rooms are stunning!

  2. I'm thinking i can see the odd bit of bathroom inspiration there Ness :)

    Lovely images, reminds me of my workshop!

    Soooo many cupboards, sooooo little time!

    hope the kids are better

    jules xx

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful pictures!!

    Have a nice day!!

    Lovely greetings, Ingrid (Home & Lifestyle)

  4. Bonjour Ness,
    Great ideas here. I could use that big hutch for my overflowing linens and that last pretty little vanity is wonderful.
    Have a fabulous Friday!

  5. I'm trying not to burn my house down .... but this post is making it difficult! Seriously, I'm taking it one room at a time...Jennifer

  6. Any of these lovely images would work in your home. Adore Tricia Foley!

  7. HI,
    Thank you for the very encouraging comment on my new blog. You are so sweet. I love your blog. My sister and I have had so much fun going through your blog. (Thanks to Lori for all of this) LOVE it. I think we have very similar taste. All those images you put up, I have saved those clippings as well, now I'm thinking I can get rid of that magazine pile, thanks to your blog. I love how you painted your living room. I too have tall ceilings. I am inspired by you to do that to a couple of my rooms.
    Look forward to more of your blogs.
    Take Care,

  8. Dear Ness,
    I love your bathroom makeover and if a bath is qiute as cozy as a livingroom. with curtains and a couch and carpet.
    By the way: my drawer would be No 1, 2 and 3...................
    Have a wonderful evening / morning whatever it may be at your timezone :-)

  9. This may surprise you, but I believe the image you're unsure of is from Pottery Barn. I remember it because I thought at the time it seemed so unlike their usual style.. I realize some aren't fans of Pottery Barn, and I definitely feel they're overpriced, but I do so love them..
    Image two for storage is my favorite :)

  10. Ness these are all gorgeous images and storage items!!! I love them all:) I have a vintage pressed tin panel behind our bathroom vanity. I bought a HUGE piece of it for about $15 and have gotten so many projects out of the one piece. I know some pressed metal would look stunning in your beautiful bathroom. Have a lovely day - Tina x

  11. I like very much those mirror ideas... especially if they were in a visit's bathroom to make it interesting... ;)

  12. Fantastic options!! All of them I love!

  13. I'm a big fan of Tricia Foley....she can do no bad in my books.Love all the images in this post....wonderful!

  14. Trust Anthropology to have something that steps right outside the square. All photos have lovely pieces though, such a lot of inspiration for you Ness. Hope the little guys are on the mend.

  15. I absolutely love the collection of mirrors above the vanity in the second last picture. I'd love to do that in my lounge room, it just looks so beautiful.


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