Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tools down on the bathroom today while I play Nurse!

No work on the bathroom today. I have two little men who are snuggled up on the sofa, unwell. So instead I thought I would get the office in oCheck Spellingrder ready for the year. You may remember, I used to sit behind the desk, but I have moved it to the wall to make more room in the center for cutting fabric and screen printing and the like. The sewing machine has had a day off today and is now covered in a vintage embroidered linen cloth...it doesn't know itself!
I love this space and I love working in this space. The light from the French door is lovely and even in this photo which was taken early morning (the light doesn't come in here until at least 10ish am) it still has a softness to it. You can see my little 'file drawers' on top of the white cupboard...there are made from old wardrobe drawers and hold all my to do things. I am still using the cot side rail to drape all of the fabric that is ready to be sewn. It just works so well that I haven't found anything to replace it yet!

I have taken so much from my desk top (it was a shambles from the Christmas chaos and orders etc), but I did steal the grey pitcher from the bathroom for the shot. My white one was having a clean and awaiting new greenery.
Anyway, thank you all so much for your encouraging comments on my super mini budget bathroom makeover. I am hoping to do some more in there tomorrow, but for now I have a muesli slice to make and two little men to attend to.
Have a wonderful day wont you?
Ness xx


  1. I love your work space Ness. Note to self "keep an eye out for cot siding". I like the way you have arranged your frames on the wall, nice. You certainly have design flair!
    Hope your patients are feeling much better soon.

  2. Beautiful work space! It is so nice to have enough light as well.

    I wish you a wonderful week with lots of energy and laughter, Ness.

    Anette Willemine xx

  3. Oh your poor little men Ness! I hope they feel better soon:) Remember to take care of their Mummy too:)Love your workspace!!- Tina xx

  4. Your workroom has a lovely feel about it... and it looks so tidy.
    I love the way that you adapt things for your lifestyle, Ness.
    Look after those little boys of yours and , maybe you could put your feet up for a while today ? XXXX

  5. I love your worf space! Beautiful pictures.

    Have a nice day!

  6. gorgeous space, i really love seeing where people work - so i can picture you there now!

    hope the wee ones get better soon. And don't forget a bit of medicine for mum too :)


  7. Your work space is lovely. Love how you used the cot for hanging unfinished projects. Hope your little guys feel better soon.

  8. Ooooh I love your work space! I can see how lovely the light is in there, I would love a space just for me!

  9. One of my favorite spots in your home Ness! I remember when you got this desk and gave it beautiful new life! LOVE IT!!

  10. I just love everything about your style. Your office is beautiful. Hope the guys have a speedy recovery over there. Stay well! Lori

  11. love the work space - not too small not to big and everything in it's place - take care.

  12. Ok, now I know I need to clean up my office...it still has x-mas wrap hannging around and doesn't seem remotely pieceful compared to yours!

  13. Hi Ness,
    hope your little fellas are on the mend!
    Your home improvements are amazing and your office in particular looks so inviting. I really liked your framed fabric? paper? piece in the blues and greens. Charming! x Lyn

  14. Just for a week or so I have a kind of workspace for my own. I am so happy with it and what a joy to have everything I need in here and not everywhere through the house.

    Yours is looking very professional ;)
    good luck with the boys Ness.

  15. This looks like a wonderful work space... it's so important for creativity I find x

  16. oh dear, hope your little men are feeling better soon, aren't us mothers superheros? we can do it all!!!

  17. What a lovely place to create!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Thank you for the sewing machine cozy idea!

  18. Fabulous work space.
    Love your machine cover- cute

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