Wednesday, February 17, 2010

...and Kelly McGuill has a blog!

Lori from Frugal Farmhouse Designs blogged about the very talented Kelly McGuill the other day and that she has a blog...didn't know that.
I went over for a look and was blown away. I have admired Kelly for some time now, but was very pleased to see that she loves one of my all time favourite Designers, Tricia Foley!
Kelly's work is amazing and all that she uses is so my style =0)
I loved this shot because I have a wicker trunk beside our sofa and before Summer arrived, we had our blanket box as our coffee table on a jute rug with trim like this...and you know I use hydrangeas and have a thing for long branches!
The botanical images on the wall is something I would love to have in our living room somewhere too. The big mirror up the back of the shot reminds me of the window like mirrors my Dad it.
Kelly's use of white is so beautiful and I love throwing in industrial elements into a space like steel, nickle, signs etc and really liked what she has done with this kitchen.
Ticking is another love of mine...and I have this exact one! the blue and white fabric on the armchairs reminds me of another favourite of mine - blue and white china.
...but it is this space that makes me swoon!
White ginger jar lamp base, slip covered sofa, wooden floors, white furniture tucked in with wooden pieces and hints of greenery.
I am liking Kelly's style a lot!
Head over to Kelly's blog and check out more of her work. It is stunning.
Ness xx
all images via Kelly McGuill


  1. OH MY Gosh ! Fantastic! i took a quick peek and I am going back for more. Thanks for the link to kelly..Off to browse..~lulu

  2. Great blog..and love the Tricia Foley site too..thanks for sharing x

  3. Does the fabulousness never end? Lots of inspirational stuff. Your post on your lounge room shows your style perfectly. What a lovely home you have. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! I'm headed over to check Kelly's blog out...
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Will head over there straight away. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Hi Ness,

    I also headed over to Kelly McGuill's blog site the other day after reading Lori's story. Also am loving the pictures. White slip-covers on couches and chairs are one of my all time favourite things. I think the thing I like the best with designers and decorators like Kelly McGuill, Tricia Foley and Sarah Richardson is that when they design a room it is not only stylish but very livable and the pictures I've seen of their work can be inspiring and attainable for the rest of us. I seen some bentwood chairs today outside an antique shop in Latrobe, one was in better condition than the others and priced at $85.00,(very rickety)and the other 3 had plywood for the seat of the chair and priced at $45.00.......just thought you'd like to tell us soon if you were lucky enough to buy the bentwood chair that you had your eye on???? Ahhh I know, keeping us in suspense!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your day tomorrow.
    Take care.
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  7. Dear Ness,
    I´m thinking of a livingroom makeover and like your last picture the most. So I will take it as an inspiration and thank you for the link !

    Have a nice week !
    Eve xxx

  8. Great post Ness - Kelly's blog is great!

    Kelly and I have emailed a few times, and I can tell you she is the loveliest lady around!!


  9. Thank you so much for the link. You have exquisite taste, so I knew I would not be disappointed! Tricia Foley is my all-time favorite designer. In fact, searching for her is what led me to your blog in the first place. And you are what lead me to start my own blog ( The circle continues...

    Thank you, Ness, for the wonderful work you do!

  10. I have seen some of these images but I will go check out her blog asap. LOVE your style Ness!!

  11. These rooms are all beautiful...I will have to go and check out her blog! Tracey xx

  12. I love her blog...I just featured her the other day! I love your blog...very inspiring!

  13. Hi Ness, I agree Kelly's site is gorgeous she is very talented and inspiring.
    Nellie xx

  14. Hi Ness, Cant wait to check it out how beautiful are the rooms (check out my new blog xx)


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