Friday, February 5, 2010

Fancy Friday

Some beautiful photos to welcome in the weekend from the stunning site, Arcobaleno.
This site is full of amazing and inspirational images that will make you swoon.
This particular image I had to show first. I am loving the greys, stone walls, old Aubusson rug, showy chandelier, old mirror...and that cute little house!
This is the kitchen that faces the room above...and that woman is in heaven, on her laptop, but in Heaven still! Imagine the dinner parties you could have in this house. The kitchen has some of my favourite kitchen elements - island bench, little spice drawers and of course, white cupboards.

The dining area is just to the side of the kitchen and the windows frame an amazing view. That table is just lust - big, old wood planks with those gorgeous chairs. I love the chandelier that is above the old, old boards...they make a wonderful pair.

This site has some amazing shots of little drawers - a slight fetish (if you want to call it that) of mine and has me drooling for a store to makeover. This cafe is the sort of place I would love to visit for a latte...I hope you all find a place like this for a coffee this weekend.
Ness xx


  1. Hi Ness,

    Beautiful images today. The second image I have seen before, just can't think where. All of these are just swoon worthy. The dining room with that view of the arbour. That would look breathtaking when the roses came out. Anyway, have a great weekend. Take care.
    N.W. Coast

  2. This site looks gorgeous . I'm running to see more

  3. What a beautiful pictures...I can only dream about it, but it also gives inspiration!!

    Wish you a very nice weekend!

    Warm regards, Ingrid (Home & Lifestyle)

  4. What gorgeous pictures Ness. I am loving that kitchen - I'll take one just like it please:) Have a lovely weekend - Tina x

  5. Ohhh Ness! What a beautiful site. I'm off to have a good look so I can spend the evening drooling (not a pretty sight! but satisfying!!!!) Thank you for bringing it to my attention

  6. Love that kitchen! As a woman who does not go anywhere without her laptop I can well relate to the woman in the photo :-)

    Have a great weekend - hope you get time to snooze,

    Leeann x

  7. ah yes, totally my kinda decorating, I'm off to check out the site they came from now!!!

  8. Oh wow..I love the use of grey in these images...just gorgeous!

  9. Oh thank you for posting the link Ness, could this place be any more perfect? I think not! Quite simply just magnificent. thanks again.

  10. I could see all of those elements in your house too!

  11. I love these pictures! thanks.

  12. Amazing! Thank you for sharing the find. I remember seeing the first image on the Belgian Pearls blog from what I think was a magazine. I loved that photo and am very happy to see more.

  13. OH WOW! What an amazing house. Love the mix of shiny and rustic. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Great link - thanks Ness. And i say - fetish away..i agree with the little drawer thing, i have about four sets of pidgeon hole type cupboards around my place. i just love them too!


  15. I just loved all of this but the first room with the greys seemed to hve a lavender hue that was fabulous. The aubusson rug gave it a softness. Delightful!

  16. Lovely....all of them...smiles.

  17. Love the styling in the pictures! And the dining room with the view into the garden...

    We will follow your blog!

  18. Oh I love this Shop, I browse their pages very often, dreaming of some day owning a beautiful large kitchen like that. And I am in love with the glass doors!!

    I also love the Tasmanian Hardwood floorboards in your living room, it gives the Interior such a warm contrast. Fantastic to have them!!

    Have a wonderful week,

  19. I also love gray! My living room is dark gray and I have never tired of the color! All furniture looks great against this color! Thanks for the inspiration.

    The Designer Insider


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