Thursday, February 11, 2010


Firstly, I just want to say thanks for all of the support I have had over this giveaway. I am getting entries via email and Etsy as well as here. Thanks to all who have posted about it and added it to your side bars =0)
Secondly, I wanted to clarify the giveaway. Some of you thought that the covers you had to choose from were the ones I had shown....NO, YOU GET TO CHOOSE ANY OF THE COVERS FROM MY ETSY STORE, INCLUDING FROM THE SOLD ITEMS AS THESE ARE NOT ON THE MAIN SHOP PAGE!!!! =0) So, I wanted to give you a little look at some of the covers that are in my sold items page that you can choose - remeber you get to pick 2 covers!
This one above is a match for the Villa de Fleurs that a lot of you picked as your choice and it looks great with the white ruffled cover that I made. This white cover will be heading to the store soon. I am just finalising material etc. The Bus Roll cover. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know how much I love the bus roll. The buttoned cover in the background is another that will be heading to the store soon.
The Temple to London cover has been a great seller when ever I have it listed.

And my sweet little Bird pillow. This one is filled and is a great accent cover.

Another favourite is the Bienvenue cover, and there is that white cover again...I just love it.

M&L bird with Signature flourish was also made in red...and I can do custom colours in any of my designs.

The Flour Sack pillow is a best seller.It is also a filled pillow. I haven't made any for a little while now as I have been concentrating on the new range, but I just love these and it was made originally while I was chatting to my Mum, not really concentrating!! I love grain sacks and wanted to do my own version. It has evolved over time, but still has the essence of that first fluke =0)

The last one I wanted to show is the Royale Swallows cover which is so sweet.
There are so many to choose from and many more than what I have shown you. So, to enter all you have to do is -
1. Go to my Etsy Store and have a look at my covers
2. Leave a comment telling me which two (2) covers you would pick should you win. If you are a reader without a blog be sure to leave your email details so I can let you know if you win!
3. Mention this giveaway on your blog with a link to get a second entry
4. Add a link to this entry on your sidebar for a third entry - Just don't forget to let me know in your comment so I can make sure your extra entries get included.

TO GET ANOTHER ENTRY, FOLLOW MY BLOG! Once again just let me know to make sure your extra entry is included!!
You have until Monday night, Aussie time to enter...and don't forget you also get a set of 4 Love You clay tags and a set of 4 buzz clay tags, and it will be sent to anywhere in the world.
Good luck.
Ness xx
Oh, I have changed my commenting format as I was getting weird comments from Asian sex workers!!! so if you are having trouble leaving a comment, just email me at


  1. Hi Ness,
    I hope you got my email. Are you out of the La Balloon pillow? Can I order the bumble bee tags in your shop?
    Love what you do!
    Talk to you soon,

  2. Oh Ness! I have fallen in love with that white ruched cushion! You are so clever! Glad you got your comments sorted out - EEK!! As you know I have already entered, just wanted to say Hi and I will be keeping an eye out in your store for that lovely white cushion!!~ Tina x

  3. I love all of your pillows but if I have to choose just 2 ....I love the flour sac pillow and l'hotel.

  4. Hi Ness,
    You gorgeous girl, thanks ever so much for putting back name and URL for people like me!!!!! Now, I have gone back over all the cushion covers that you have made and after much back and forth, if I was lucky enough to win I would LOVE the flour sack pillow 1908 with the blue ribbon and the old style grain sack M&L cira 1902 with the brown stripe and writing. Hope you are keeping well and will call in again tomorrow!!
    Take care
    N.W. Coast

  5. Hi Ness
    Your blog is such a joy to read and I just love your cushions. To possibly win not 1 but 2 covers is toooo exciting!! I really love the Musee de Orsay and the Villa De Fleur. Keep up the fabulous work.

  6. Hi Ness

    I just discovered your blog via Maria from Dreamy Whites, and I am in love. I have been on the search for cushions for my house, and I think I have hit the jackpot now!

    Your designs are just so BEAUTIFUL! You must get so much pleasure from creating such lovely things!

    And what good timing for me to find you...I would love to enter your competition...but how to choose just 2?!!

    They are all wonderful with a capital WONDERFUL, but for the fun of the competition, I would choose the M&L bird with signature flourish (cause I just can't go past a striking red, even though I'm trying to branch out into other colours), and the Tweet cover mocha & black (cause I love Twitter!!).

    So pleased to have made your acquaintance...I'm looking forward to exploring your blog, and your store further!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the competition! Kind regards, Nadine ( or on Twitter I am nadine_mcmahon)

  7. Ugh -- There is no way I can choose! All of them?! I like the Villa de Fleurs, Temple to London!

    I am linking up from Shes.No.Martha @ http//

  8. Hi Ness,

    Wow! What a beautiful style you've mastered with these cusions! I LOVE the "Study of a French Chair" - so beautiful, and the "Ampersand" also. A striking collection - congratulations!

    So great to see you're local also. Just across the water :)

    Will be visiting your shop definitely with my credit card in tow!

    Thank you,

    Tanja (

  9. Hi,
    I adore the bus roll cover so that would be my first choice. My second choice would be difficult as I love so many but it would have to be a toss up between the bird cushion, the 1902 cover or the Dillon's Ad cover as our old dog was called Dillon spelt the same way so like this one for sentimental reasons.
    Will also put a link to my blog later and will let you know.
    PS - I've also been having a few funny comments on my blog - either in a foreign language or with links for shops so thanks for the heads up on how to deal with them x

  10. Ness, I am loving this giveaway. I like the bus roll cover and flour sack pillows. Too cute. I'll mention on my blog. Have a great day, T

  11. ...exactly why I'm including your Etsy banner and a link to your shop in my upcoming e-book! LOVELY!


  12. Ach piękne podusie,szczególnie ta czerwona wpadła mi w oko!
    Pozdrowienia z Polski!

  13. I read your blog everyday and just love the things you make! If I won I would choose the bee tags, and two hot air balloon covers! Lynn Brian

  14. These are all wonderful and great prices. I'm in love with the Swiss Vanilla and Frase Seed covers. It's really hard to choose between them all. I'll be adding this to my sidebar and will try and do a shout out on a post tonite. I definitely am becoming a follower. Love your blog...I'm hooked!
    My word verification is "folog"...think that's a sign?

  15. Great pillows, love your etsy store..

  16. I love the study of french chairs as well as temple to london ones. I was confused about sizing though, I think in US the standard size is 16" but yours are 15"?!

  17. Oooh fun... I'm already a follower, and I posted my other entries on the original site, although since I know I can pick from your sold covers too I might change my picks if I win :)

  18. pppooooooohhh Ness,
    you have to stop showing us more of your pillow-art. I CAN`T CHOOSE ONE!
    At your first post I liked the mentioned two, but NOW I love the floursack and the Bienvenue the most. And I am sure that more will follow if you show us more :-)
    And I still do follow you since weeks :-)
    And I still love the Bunny. Do a bunny pillow pleeeeeaaaase :-)

  19. Wonderful blog!! Just came over from Trash Talkin..& so glad I did!! I am now a follower & I dont have a blog ...but I do have twitter & I posted about your giveaway on twitter!! Just a lovely blog hon..

  20. HI Ness, I would love it if you could enter me in the draw! If I'm lucky enough to win I'd love the parisien cherub cover and the musee de' orsay both in natural cotton. I'm doing up my formal lounge in the french provincial style and these would be such a lovely bonus! thanks so much, I'm already a follower, take care, Maryann

  21. What a wonderful giveaway you are having. I just became a follower and really enjoy your blog. I love the Parisian Cherub cover and the 1902 cover. Thanks for your generosity and hope you have a wonderful Valentine's weekend.


  22. Good grief Ness, Asian sex workers!!! that sounds yucky. Lovely to get another glimpse of the most lovely cushion covers. I'm going to have to get into this Etsy buying.xx

  23. Ness, very generous, I went to your Etsy shop and I love the 1902 Four Sack, and the Parisian Angel. You are an angel to do this!!

  24. What a heavenly giveaway!!! What I wouldn't do to win this one!!! I am obviously a follower~

  25. I love your simplicity! The school teacher in me is loving the School-U (of course), Tweet and Talk 2-U pillows. What an offer!

  26. I love the Bienvenue and flour sack the best!
    And I'm a follower now!

  27. I Love the bird cushion cover and the swiss cross. Texture and neutral colors make me swoon:)

  28. Hi Ness! I am relatively new to the blog world, and I just love your blog. You are very talented. I have been eyeballing your white pillow with a gray bird for QUITE some time now - it's even listed on my "wish list" on my blog. I also L-O-V-E the white ruffle pillow. I am now officially a follower. If you're interested, head on over to my blog for a little giveaway.

  29. My 2 favourites are :
    The balloon cover it is divine but I can't see it in your etsy store. The Parisian cherub is gorgeous.

  30. Mel said....
    Too easy!
    The La Balloon pilllow for my son's antique bunk bed... and the bus scroll for my sisters birthday.
    Love your tags would love to sell them in my shop in Redfern Sydney.
    Is that possible? Mel

  31. I have been searching for pillows for months now and you have exactly what I am looking for. Oh the irony! I am in love with the bird pillows! They make my heart pitter patter!

  32. Hello Ness!
    I found you through 'Absolutely Beautiful Things'.
    All the cushions are so lovely!! Hard to choose just two :)
    I love the '1902 Herringbone Wool cover', I can see it in a sofa on our dinning room :) And the 'M&L bird with Signature flourish (in red! fab!) for my breastfeeding chair.
    Your tags are also really beautiful.
    All the best!

  33. Oh this is a difficult task to only choose two pillow covers as they're all beautiful! I'm a big fan of anything French so I'm partial to the L'Hotel Royale and the Hot Air Balloon. I've mentioned your contest/blog on my blog:

  34. So hard to choose. I just love your style.
    I particularly love Temple to London and L'Hotel Royal. Thanks for the chance to win!


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