Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ina Garten...Now THIS is a barn!!!

After lots of emails from you all about the latest issue of House Beautiful and the amazing Ina Garten aka The Barefoot Contessa's barn in the Hampton's, you know I had to look for more.
A barn and the Hampton' that's me!
Ina's barn has been built on her stunning East Hampton's estate and would do most of us as the main home. The exterior is not like a barn at all. Lets have a look!
Is this not the most amazing kitchen/dinning area you have ever seen? An 18 foot long counter was designed with the master cooks favourite passion in mind and Ina didn't do the normal designing elements for a kitchen like the triangle and the textbook spacing of the counter tops...both of which she says don't work...and Ina would know!
The paint colour on the wall of this Belgian inspired barn is Farrow & Ball's 'Light Gray' and the counter top is a Petite Fossil Belgian Stone. The gorgeous cupboard in the background is Axel Vervoordt.

Ina says that the fireplace is without a mantel because it would have been too decorative. I love that at the end of the day, it is a barn, not the main house and the temptation to fit it out like a house would have been so hard, but she held out to keep the Belgian feel of the space.

...yep, a serious chef lives here.
Gorgeous, serene...
The table is a 17th century French table and the linens are by the amazing company Frette.
I like that there is no artwork above the bed.
Stripe rugs must be a Hampton's staple, and I like it. The restrained palette is just gorgeous and Ina worked with Robert Stilin to create this oh so perfect barn. What a great pair...maybe she can add Decorator to her resume!

How about this for a relaxing space!? simply adorned with a little Olive tree in a mossy terracotta pot, stool, white towels and soaps this would be a welcome haven after a long day over a hot oven!
The outdoor areas don't let the interior down either. The wall sconces and lamps are by Greg Yale and the 1920's rattan chairs just ooze Hampton's style. Ina has planted the trees around the barn in no straight lined formations, like a lot of homes will do. As Ina says, if the trees are planted randomly and close to the home, they seem like they have always been there.

This image shows Ina's stunning main house through the trees and this new barn compliments it sweetly. Everything Ina and Architect, Frank Greenwald have achieved here is just perfect. And the 'barn' now takes over as the place to film, cook, write and create magic that only The Barefoot Contessa can do.
Ina, if you need someone to watch the barn while you are abroad...just call me =0)
Ness xx
All images - House Beautiful


  1. That is simply stunning! I am starting a barn conversion as my own, unfortunately mine is more of an outbuilding and will only house my studio; what I would give for a space like that!

    Thanks for sharing :O)

    B x

  2. Oh Ina is one of my favourites and her main house (and garden) has been top of my 'house love' list for ages. Isn't the barn divine Ness! Just adore it - it would have to be as close to perfection as you can get I would think:) Thanks for such a lovely post - Tina x

  3. What is the point of it all! That is my next house almost exactly as it is. The parts have been coming together over the last three years. If only I had known I didn't have to buy so many mags, books etc if I had just waited here it is!!!! Thank you Ness this is wonderful and I am going to pinch them all for my file hope you don't mind!

  4. I love Ina and her elegant, simple approach. It is always so fresh and welcoming! I wish I could be invited to dinner in this home! :)

  5. I love the pictures you show! A really nice house with a lot of inspiration!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Love this - such a perfect barn - and totally agree no painting above the bed get a big plus from me too :)

  7. Frette sheets are simply amamzing - no other word for them.

    I could certainly enjoy some quiet time sans enfants in this place. Ness, if you get the gig let me know, cos i'm coming too : )


  8. Yes.......yes, yes. This could be my next house. Cook all day and eat all night. As warm and lovely as she is.

  9. I too adore her~ She certainly has an incredible sense of style.
    I notice that you love the Hamptons - and while it is on the opposite coast from me, it would be a step in the right direction as far as continents go... just sayin'...

  10. Loved this when it came out,
    a perfect type of barn look.


  11. I totally wish to be Ina's new BFF! I always "channel" her when we entertain! Of course, her vaulted ceiling beams rock my little world, as do the uber modern track lights. But check out the floor lamp next to the dining table! This is a trend; I vote yesh! Discuss! The small side table beside a dining chair, stacked with books, is also unique. I also really love the pair of table lamps on her counter -- another trend!

  12. What a fabulous space! Being from Iowa, this is not near what we call a barn....but it still makes my farmgirl heart pitter patter....thanks for sharing!

  13. Love it! And I love her - she is one of my favorite chefs. You know, my dad was from Belgium so I think I need a barn just like hers! If you ever come to NY - maybe we can do a drive-by - the Hamptons is about an hour from me.

  14. Wow...beautiful! I have been a big fan of hers for a long time...thanks SO much for sharing!

  15. 'Barn life' is for me ~ as well! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos! I always find inspiration from your site.

  16. I LOVE Ina Garten so I really loved to be able to see all these great pics! Thanks for sharing!! It is such a beautiful space. I love all of it! All except for the Frette linens. My hubby bought a set identical to the Frette linens in some amazing hotel he stayed at in Rome. Well, the entire set ... duvet, bed skirt, both sheets ... everything ... needed to be ironed ALL THE TIME. I couldn't take it.

    Of course, I doubt Ina has to iron the guest bedding herself. :o) Lucky gal!!!!

  17. Um, WOW WOW WOW WOW! Love it!

  18. I always dream of a barn! I will find one, one day... Love these images :)

  19. Wonderful post on Ina's amazing home!
    Thanks so much for sharing :)

  20. Hi Ness,

    Dragging my feet today. Have just read Wednesday's posting. (So not like me!!). I agree with Kay from yesterday's post, they must have something in their tap water at the Hampton's. The third picture down I have seen before and LOVED it, but didn't know who it belonged to. This is a lesson in understated elegance, that there's a fine line between too much and not enough and Ina has certainly nailed it!!! I will have to have a look at the magazine so I can too drool over the photo's. Hope you are having a great day.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast

  21. You got that right Janine! I wonder if they would consider bottling it for shipment to Tas!? I will send you over a crate!!
    Ness xx

  22. Okay, since I obsess over all things Ina -- one more comment! She and her adorable Jeffrey have an apartment in Paris, too! Can you imagine? Sigh.

  23. I am so in love with your blog! I just started following it and I can't believe it took me this long - I am off to go check out more!


  24. Not only inside the barn is wonderful, but the outdoor space. The mixture of natural stone paving, gravel, plantings is so simple to see but provide texture to keep from being common. thanks for all the photos and details!


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