Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Little Bit Of Hampton's Love...

Architectural Digest
If I could have a home built to my specs with no money spared it would be a Hampton's Style home. Not necessarily in The Hampton's, just with all the gobsmackingly gorgeous style that the design divas that grace this area seem to have running through them.
The neutral pallet awash with white, natural fibres like linen, jute, wicker etc and LOADS of style.

via material girls
I found this shot of above of this wonderful dining room in The Hampton's with a gorgeous blue and white rug, which picks up the blue in the chairs and is reminiscent of that wonderful living room rug in Somethings Gotta Give...and you know I love that!
I think the chandelier, which is encrusted in shells is a wonderfully unexpected addition to the space...the space is so beautiful.
Victoria Hagen
This room just screams Hampton's beach side living!
Victoria Hagen is a master at this and she has nailed this look here. I would love a huge jute rug this size. Ours is good for our room and the function of that space, but I would love it to run to near the edges...next house!
Country Home
This store in The Hampton's is so pretty. Big, blousy vintage florals on the cushion/pillow covers with the stripes look great under that stunning mirror.
Curb Design Network
And how can you not love this!?
The shingles! the doors! The roof lines! Proportions! Pool!.........
You must get why I love this style.
Ness xx


  1. awesome pics mate! the first one is a gorgeous room, very "hamptons" isn't it!!! love it

  2. My theory on the Hamptons: good taste must flow through their tap water! Did you see Ina Garten's new barn/studio in a semi-recent issue of the U.S. "House Beautiful" magazine? It was very Hamptons and Belgian, at the same time.

  3. gorgeous ness, what's not to love here.

    that first image is just what my tired weary head needed to see - how beautiful and calming!


  4. Hi Ness,

    I'm hearin' ya. Totally know where you are coming from! Maybe we can be next door neighbours.....sipping drinks by the pool and discussing the latest issue of interior magazines while the kids are frolicking in the water....I'd make a really good neighbour, I promise, making sure I had enough sugar on hand, just in case of an emergency while cooking! Mowing lawns while you was away on your annual overseas holiday (although if you were going to build your Hampton's dream home, why would you want to go anywhere!). AAAHHHH to dream. Not very original, I'm afraid but I would totally base my house on Something's Gotta Give...there would be no way I would want to travel after that!!!! Changing direction here, I have recently discovered Ina Garten......need to see more, I only hope I can chance upon the recent article in House Beautiful. Will keep my eyes peeled. Hope you are having a good week. Not long now until the kids go back to school. I will miss them so much. It will be so quiet here without them.
    Take Care
    N.W. Coast

  5. Just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your blog! I love you style and mine is much the same. I'd love for you to see my new kitchen reveal on my blog!

  6. Dear Ness,
    A beautiful post again!!! I am sorry to not have visit you in a few days but I was so busy changing my blog lay out and busy in business!
    But now I have taken my time to visit you!

  7. Hehehe, yes, I think we all got the reason why you're so excited talking about the Hamptons' style!
    Who wouldn't love it...But it's for very big day dreaming!

  8. Hi Ness love the photos especially the shot of the pool.....more pool shots it is so hot especially outside doing jobs. See you soon Manda x

  9. I would love to visit the Hamptons one day, the relaxed elegance is so lovely.

  10. Congratulations on this awesome blog!
    We love it!

  11. Obviously the secret to the Hamptons is in the pocket book and the designers they all employ! Though I have to agree with you the style is fab and if I could have one of the garages or stables I would be very happy. Enjoyed my visit thanks

  12. Oh to live there, perhaps one day, just keep the dream alive for all of us!!!


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