Monday, March 1, 2010

Doctors Orders = New Covers!

I have returned after a few days off to recharge my batteries. I thank you all for your concern and well wishes. It was very lovely of you all. Originally it looked like I was having a mini stroke, but it is looking like a really, really bad neurological if my tension migraines aren't bad enough! The Doctors orders are to slow down, so...
This is how I done making some new items for the store! Naughty I know.

I have added some lumbar sized covers to the store like this one above. Based on my hand dyed cushion covers I have made some on white with a linen coloured ink. The good thing about these covers is that you don't need a lumbar insert, you can use a large pillow which I have done here to show you how it looks. It fills it nicely.
The light is different here this morning as you can see and there is a sudden nip in the air...Autumn has arrived. It seems over the weekend that our Sycamore tree lost a lot of leaves...anyway...
...back to the new covers.
I also made one in the hand dyed cotton with my little signature bird and flourish in white. I really like this one and am thinking of others to do. I have been sketching like mad!
I always find that when I have time away from the blog with the extra time I seem to have, I get really creative...I miss that. So, after the health scare I am vowing to take some time here and there for me. I hope you all don't mind. My posts may be a little sporadic at the moment while I try and find the balance.

This is something I really need to live for!

Another cover to the store which is an image of an original print. It even has the folds etc from the print and I love that it is not blue, pink and the like.

This is beautiful.
A French advertisement which I am thinking of making some for me, well for our sofa! It does look lovely sitting on our chaise up the hallway.

And then there is this.

For those of you who loved my long French Love Letter pillows. I have found an alternative that wont cost the earth to post. The filled ones were nearly US$20.00 to send!!! I know. So here is a 40cm x 40cm (standard size) cover, unfilled which will be posted as a large letter...much more economical for everyone. It is in white with the same script. It will come in different colours soon. I hope you like it.

All of these covers can be found at my Etsy Store.

Thank you again for all of your thoughts, Ness xx


  1. Love favorite one is the keep calm carry on one!

  2. Love the new pillows especially the script letter one - I would love to have one! Please take care of yourself - hopefully making these is comforting and calm for you. Take care!

  3. I have missed you Ness, I hope you are feeling better! These are beautiful. I can't wait to get the ones I ordered from you. I love that french love letter!
    Take Care,
    Want you to know I think about you and your family every day!

  4. I actually love all of them!
    Take Care,

  5. Oh lovely Ness! It is so great to hear that you have had time to relax and be creative over the weekend! So happy to hear you are feeling better and wow what gorgeous new cushions!!! I know I always say it, but you are so talented!! Love them all :) ~ Tina xx

  6. I am only a lurker who adores your blog and your pillows but please take care of you! I'm sure we all would rather have sporadic posts then no post! You have such a lovely home sit and enjoy it. <3

  7. You have a good rest little Ness...blogging world and you Etsy store will always be there when you are ready to pick it up recoup...regroup and you will feel rejuvenated afterwards. x

  8. Gorgeous creations but you make sure you rest up and look after yourself.

  9. I am a migraine sufferer too! It can keep me down for days. You mentioned that fall has arrived...sometimes the change in seasons can be a factor.Take care of yourself.

    I love the script pillow!!!

  10. Bonjour Ness, love the pillows. Sorry to hear that you have been "poorly" and hope that you are feeling better soon.

    Leeann x

  11. hi Ness have a rest and get better soon.

    Please don't take this as medical advice but my husband has always had terrible migraines all his life .... for about three years he has taken low dose aspirin daily and he has not had one since.

    It may be worth a try. I know how terrible they can be.


  12. Look after yourself...we can wait...

  13. I am glad that the problem wasn't serious although I'm sure those headaches would be awful. Take it easy, enjoy your art and blog when you can.

  14. What lovely cusions you are showing. Nice blog you have. It was lucky you dont have a stroke.

  15. Ness,
    Didn't know you were in the hospital! Hope you're feeling good now - and relax!
    Have a great week. The new pillows are beautiful!

  16. Please take care of yourself, Ness. Your adoring readers, myself included, understand! The new bedding is quite lovely.

  17. Beautiful pillows, I love the Keep Calm Carry On pillow but somebody already snagged it.
    Hope you are feel better soon!

  18. so delicate and beautiful :)

  19. Oh yes, be careful! I did have a 'mini stroke' or TIA as they called it about 2 years ago but they did suggest for me to be careful because of the possibility of migraine induced strokes...
    LOVE the new design!

  20. these may just be my favorites yet!
    so hard to choose!!
    i love the 1902
    i love the birdie wreath
    i love the french letter
    and i love the swiss cross...
    oh dear!

  21. Good linens.....always good for the soul....smiles.

  22. Hi Ness,
    BBBBBRRRRRRRRR it's so cold here right now....woosie that I am...I don't want summer to end. Love the warm days and DRY washing. Not hanging around, draped all over the house like in winter. I'm not really looking forward to that.....bit slow in leaving a comment. Hope you are feeling better, it can be hard to find a balance with things and yes of course we understand, the blog and everything will still be here, just make sure you take care of you, we need you whenever you have time to post as we all LOVE reading what you have been up to and what is in the pipeline. Anyway, hope you are having a great start to the week.
    Please take care.
    N.W. Coast

  23. So pleased to hear that you're feeling a little better but, Dr, Jackie is not pleased that you are making lots of cushion covers. This wont do. You MUST put your feet up and rest. Dr. Jackie's orders !!!! Try not to do too much, Ness. Take care. XXXX

  24. You guys are the best. Thank you all for being so supportive of me and for your beautiful emails wishing me well.
    Ness xx

  25. My friend is going in for surgery next tuesday to repair a hole in her heart a PFO. She is 30, suffered migraines and fatigue her whole life. She didn't know she had a hole in her heart until recently when she had a mini-stroke and was admitted into the Stroke Unit at her hospital. The ran all kinds of tests and that's when they discoverd she had the hole. PFO can trigger migraines and strokes. Just thought I'd throw that out there to all the migraine sufferers and who also experience mini-strokes.
    Love your blog by the way!

  26. I would love to have one! Please take care of yourself - hopefully making these is comforting and calm for you. Take care!
    work at home in india


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