Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Found It!!! it's gorgeous.

I found it!!! the blog I was talking about yesterday. Maria from Cologne was kind enough to let me know that it belongs to the lovely Stina. The blog is called Lilla Kullan and the images are just beautiful.
There are loads of images from Stina's home and it is all done in whites, greys and all of the things I posted about in my Must Haves post a few days ago.

I love this shelving in her kitchen and all of her sweet little jugs.

Just lovely!
Her living room is beautiful, but I wont spoil it for you. Head over to Stina's gorgeous blog for a peek.
Thanks Maria for letting me know =0)
Ness xx


  1. Oh,:-)
    I'm happy that you like my home.:-)
    Thank you so much! Nice of you to write about it.:-)
    Big hug Stina

  2. It's gorgeous, though if it was mine it would be a nice shade of beige thanks to my messy labradoodle!

  3. Yes, you're right what lovely pics.. will head on over to check out her blog... thanks so much for letting us know... a part of me really loves this look!! take care, Maryann

  4. LOVE IT! Can't wait to see more! Thanks for the suggestion!


  5. love it!! her home is amazing! I want to move right in...


  6. So glad you found it Ness, I'm off for a look!
    Kerri x

  7. Oh my is looks beautiful thanks for sharing. Off to have a look!

  8. I just headed over there and it's a lovely blog! Thanks for sharing!

  9. after seeing so much beautyfull white
    interieur. now I know for shore my kitchen wil also be white.Last summer I painted it soft creamy but the collor turned to yellow.
    Hungariun paint is not so collor fast.

    greetings Trudy

  10. What a gorgeous home so glad you found it Ness.

  11. Hi Ness,

    Love Stina's blog and home too :)!! So white, light and dreamy!!

    Take care,

  12. What a beautiful house - thanks for the link - I will check it out. Your house is gorgeous too, so don't sell yourself short sister!! But like you, I love that gentle breezy uber-white look so much....

  13. this is amazingly beautiful and truly inspiring - I would love to have a home as heavenly as this in the future, thanks for sharing Ness - now I am all day-dreamy!! x

  14. peaceful and lovely (I type as my neighbor with the monster truck pulls in next door).

    I hope that you are having a beautiful day!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps My verification word is "nessesse" heehee!

  15. Ahhhh that is a heavenly house! I must go over for more drooling :)

  16. Oh it's so lovely! Thank you for sharing.I'm off to her blog as soon I can grab a towel and stop drowling.!

  17. i love it when you say that YOU have found something YOU love, or are crazy about.

    cuz........i know i will love it too.

  18. Wow...absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing Ness.
    Have a lovely week, :-) Li

  19. Hi, I love your site. Thanks for all the great inspiration. I'm adding Stina's site to my blog list, too. I'm in love with her puppy! Too cute.

  20. Glad you found it. The blog is beautiful. And, I love this photo of the table even more than the angle it was photographed yesterday!

  21. Yay to Maria from Cologne:) Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous home and the link to Stina's blog Ness! These pics are just gorgeous:) Hope you are having a lovely Wednesday ~ Tina xx

  22. Beautiful home!!! Thanks for sharing! Blessings... Daphne

  23. Good work, bloggy investigators! All that white is so beautiful, it almost brings tears to my eyes... great style!

  24. Just had a look over there and it sure is a stand-out blog! Love when I see that Google Translator too!
    Thanks Ness, for letting us know.

  25. Yes, this is really a lovely home.

  26. Hi darling, it's my first time here at your blog and congratulations because is really nice!
    I'm already a fan of Lilla Kullan...I love the style of her huose, her pics , the brightness that brings withher blog!... North European have something that make me crazy!

    Have a great week...I hope you'll come to visit me!

  27. Cool - blog universe rules.

    And you're right Ness, this is a gorgeous home!

    hope you're keeping well treasure. jxxx

  28. Only one word comes to mind...WOW!

  29. Stina has a beautiful home.
    Just makes you want to move right on in there with her

  30. Oh I love it! thanks for sharing a new blog for me to look at!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  31. Oh Ness, that first image in your post is my old dining room table painted white... I have never seen it ever before.... my husband got it from an antique store years ago and I have searched and searched for an image - thanks for sharing it.


  32. I love all the white. Perfect for spring. Thanks for the pics.

  33. I have this table although it's still in it's original state in need of a new top. We got it from an old german couple that had it in their garage and no longer needed it. I love it and can't wait till we get working on it. We've had it for 7 years now.

  34. I've found an online shop which sells jugs like Stina's kitchen jugs! quite expensive but i really really want them (and Stina's house!!) xx


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