Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quick Lamp Makeover

It has been a bargain fest here lately and I wanted to show you these two little lamps I picked up the other day for $8.00! It is the wicker one I will be showing you today, the little one is still a work in progress as I have a little embroidery thing going on (I'm hooked!).
First thing was to give the base a quick sand to get some of the orange varnish off...
It doesn't look so bad in this shot, but trust me, its an orange base.
Next thing was a dry wash for the shade and a rough paint of the base (I didn't want it to be perfect) with some warm white paint...

There it is. It took about 15 minutes to do. I did think about painting the base over with some grey..but I liked this and didn't want to keep adding only to take it back off later. I will see how it grows on me. My office desk is a mess at the moment, but I do have a little storage thing I bought while I was out also which is undergoing a fresh coat of paint, more on that later...
this is where it has ended up. You may remember this part of our hall used to have the $50 chaise right her under my $10, 1902 French newspaper. Well it was one of the things I changed around this week. I will show you some more once I have finished (yep, I am still going).

Now this little lamp fits into our hallway quite nicely and is throws the perfect low light for our littlest boy, who is night time toilet training at the moment. It is a long way down the hall at night when you are 3!
Hope you like this really quick makeover.

Ness xx


  1. Very sweet and much improved. Love it!


  2. great job Ness and what a steal for those precious lamps~

  3. I have a light shade very similar to that...I'm so going to get at it this weekend with a paint brush now you've given me the idea. thanks!

  4. A pretty transformation. Congratulations

  5. Great make over Ness! So quick and easy... lamps are one thing I can never find! This one is super cute now, you have given it a new life!

  6. What a great transformation! I just love the lamp! The wicker and the white go so well together.
    Health and happiness,

  7. Nice my friend.It's fun with make overs.;-) Hug Stina

  8. Looks great! I paint everything white.... amazing the difference a little paint can make. :)

  9. You did a great job transforming that little lamp. I thought it looked great from the start but your re-do made it infinitely better! Great job!

  10. I have some baskets that I am going to try and give the "shabby" look the lamp! Cathy of girls gone junkin

  11. This looks fantastic! I could see using metal leafing for this project as well like my mother in law uses!

  12. Very cute Ness. I can't wait to see the next one! My lamps beside my bed need a makeover and I'll wait for your to be done, 'cause It might be a inpiration. I think mine is too dark...
    Love yours!!!
    Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by :-) Li

  13. Oh I love this makeover Ness! So simple but so gorgeous and fits so beautifully into your home:) Great job and a bargain! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  14. what a nice found! I love to give a new life to old furniture!

    Well done!

    I'm doing a nice giveaway, I think you could like it, I'd love you to participate!
    Have a terrific weekend

  15. This makeover is beautiful - you arrive at a good decision ;)


  16. A makeover in less than 20 minutes is the kind of makeover I love! It looks fantastic Ness.

  17. Love it - looks fabulous and only 20 minutes!!
    Ooh night time toilet training - tough gig for a 3 yo.
    We are toilet training 2y 4mths Riley and he's doing really well. He just wears a nappy to bed at night. When I have him 2 days week we have very few accidents, not even 1 a day but when he is at creche i think they take too long to get him to the loo, so has the occassional accident. Joys of toilet training

  18. Love it Ness,
    You are the best. I am so glad that I have something in my home that you have created. It makes me think of you! Hope you are having a wonderful day.
    Take Care,
    p.s. I am still trying to get caught up on my blog reading. Just know I think of you and your family often.

  19. Hi Ness!
    Always some great idesa here I may give this lamp thing a shot muself!!!Maryanne:)

  20. A fabulous make over Ness. Just think how much that would have cost you in an interiors shop !! XXXX

  21. great make over Ness xx


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