Monday, March 29, 2010

Some bargain finds...and a winner!

Firstly, thank you all for entering the giveaway. I will announce the winner at the end of this post. While it was running, I took the time to spend with my family and some visitors we had...and I done some shopping!!!
The first thing I bought on our travels was this beautiful wicker heart from The Vintage Rose in Launceston, which is owned by the sweetheart Amanda. While the boys were off at the motor museum, I snuck around to visit with Amanda and had a lovely chat with her and looked through all of the amazing new things she has in store. I bought a few things which I will show you in another post.
It is all whitewashed, so its right up my alley!

I love this old syphon bottle and spotted it after the second passing at the Evandale markets. I cant believe I didn't see it first time around! The man at the stall marked it down to $10.00 for me! I had been admiring one the day before which was not as pretty and it was $70.00.
I love that it has lots of elements in it that I love so much, old glass, text in white, silver and the creamy top. I weighs a tonne and the glass is really thick...and it works still =0)
The makers mark is still visible on the back. I haven't worked out where it will go yet though.
Guess what I did find.....
I have been after one for ages and it was on the top of my 'have to find list'. The wood is just glorious and I have no intentions of painting this piece - ever! I know a big call from me, but look at it!

Have you guessed??

Yup, a glorious bentwood chair! Although it is not an original Thonet chair, for $25.00 I was happy to walk away with it under my arm! There were 4 of them can you believe, but the others were very rickety. This one is really sturdy so I am very, very happy. Now I can check that box on my list off =0)
I found it at an amazing new old ware store, which I will be visiting next time with trailer in tow!!
I will be making the seat for this soon.

These little finials are also on the cards for a makeover. Probably not a great deal will happen to these. I will give them a good clean and take off the old screws and see where to go from there. Cute though.

I also bought this ugly Betty of a chair. The actual chair is lovely if you can look past the horrid 80's paint job. It is sturdy and I can imagine this is going to be a full weekend project.
Next piece is this little caddy thing for my office desk. It will be getting a fresh coat of white paint and will house all of my office paraphernalia...for $10.00 I thought it was cheap storage.
Now I just have to get on with getting them all made over!! easier said than done I know. Our visitors have left now, so life goes back to normal.
Now, on to the winner. After all the email and etsy entries and all of you who had extra entries was tallied, the final number of entries was a wonderful 682!!! I have since been to and put in this number to get back the number 43.
This number belongs to My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia!
Yay, a winner!! Congratulations and I will be in contact soon. Thank you again to all who entered. I will be having another one soon =0)
See you tomorrow...told you, back to normal!
Ness xx


  1. Wow, I love those bentwood chairs. Congrats to the winner of the comp!

  2. Wow what absolutely gorgeous finds Ness! I love your little heart:) So happy you found your bentwood chair, it is gorgeous:) CONGRATS to the gorgeous Kristin on winning your giveaway, it couldn't have gone to a lovelier blogger!! Thanks again for such a wonderful giveaway Ness. Wishing you a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  3. Great finds. Love the chair.

  4. Looks like you had a very productive day Ness! Love what you bought and can't wait to see what you do with them. And no wonder you had so many entries to your giveaway - just shows we all know how talented you are!
    Kerri xx

  5. Wow Ness, you found some great stuff and I can't believe that you got the syphon bottle for $10. What a great deal! xx

  6. It is a gorgeous chair Ness, and I love the old soda syphon as well. Just add ice and a slice!

  7. The heart and the siphon are beautiful. Especially around the Siphon I envy you a bit ... ;)

    But I read, you have had wonderful days - that's great!



  8. Gorgeous heart. Love the bottle - don't you just love a bargain! All the more rewarding when you spot something that is less than half the price of a replica you have spotted previously. Nothing more satisfying. Enjoy.

  9. Love it all! Glad you got your chair and good luck with the seat. Love the wicker heart, I gave it to my daughter Lise for her Birthday a few weeks ago so I know how lovely it is!

  10. wow great finds - clever you :) le

  11. Ness....what awesome little treasure you found..fantastic! Congrats Kristin on the giveaway x

  12. Congrats to the very lucky winner!
    What beautiful vintage finds! I have the same wicker heart, it's so nice with a bit of lace or other ribbon attached to it...

    Love, Chani

  13. You brought home some wonderful pieces! I like the seltzer bottle, it looks great just as is.
    Looks like you have several projects and I can't wait to see the finished pieces.


  14. Hi, beautiful photos, a jar with the inscription is pretty. Have a nice day. Iva

  15. Wow, that bottle!! And for that price- that's amazing. And the chair is just glad you are not going to paint it. What great finds!

  16. I so want one of those bottles. I look for them at antique sales but just like you I find the real expensive ones. I need to find myself a $10.00 one! Good finds!

  17. You found some amazing pieces! I love the Bentwood chair - what a great find! You're wise not to paint this one! The bottle is very cool too; isn't it funny how we can walk right past something when we are out treasure hunting and don't see it until the second time around? It happens to me all the time.

  18. great haul Ness, looks like a very successful trip! julesxx

  19. The heart is beautiful! What a find :)
    Have a great week!
    Health and happiness,

  20. OMG!!! I wish you could see me right now!! I did the happy dance!! I actually had a dream about your pillows over the weekend, how funny is that! Ok I'm super excited!!!
    All your finds are amazing, I can't wait to see what you do with them! Thank you again, you have made my day and week!!

  21. Congratulations Kristin!!!!
    She is the sweetest girl! And has a beautiful home!!
    Ness, I LOVE all of your goodies, can't wait to see what you do with them!!
    You're the best!
    Your friend,
    I look forward to our up and coming event!

  22. Those are some fantastic finds! And congrats to the winner.

    I hope your week is off to a great start :)

  23. amazing! I hadn't ever seen your blog/store until now. WOW. I'm going to be following for sure! :)

  24. Your new finds are fabulous Ness and yay on the Bentwood chair!!

  25. Beautiful finds Ness! I absolutely love everything you got! And that bottle...
    Congrats to Kristin!
    Have a lovely week,
    Li :-)

  26. What brilliant finds! I Love the siphon in particular as well as the bentwood. WOW! I'd love to know the shop for the next time to get up to LAunie :)

  27. Some fabulous purchases there and such great prices.
    What a pretty wicker heart

  28. Love your finds, Ness. And yes it is all about the Whitewash! Congrats to Kristen! I love those pillows! Great inspiration! ~lulu

  29. Yeah Uncommon... pretty things! Congrats girl.
    Nice finds Ness... I will be lurking around to see what comes about. :)


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