Thursday, March 11, 2010

World Kidney Day

Today is a day of reflection and for a shout out!
It is World Kidney Day, and I know this is unrelated to what I normally post about, but this is a cause that is very close to my heart. Someone in our family deals with Kidney disease everyday and as a family we are all along for the ride, trying to make the best of the situation and to support them as best as we can. There are loads of things as bloggers we can do to help this situation and if you go to any of these links, there is info on how to sign up and get involved.
Many people don't realise how important these two little organs are, without them you can't live. They make hormones for all sorts of things in your body, blood, heart, blood pressure...etc, etc as well as being the filters of your bodies. This is why it is so important to look after them, as trying to get new ones is very, very hard...we know.
So please, please talk with your family members about signing up as organ donors and if you can spare some dollars, donate to your countries body of the Kidney Foundation.
It would mean a great deal to so many.
Ness xx
images - Victoria Hagen


  1. Sweet Ness! A wonderful post my dear friend. An absolutely wonderful cause and our family will definitely be donating! My hubby and I are also registered donors. Thank you for bringing this cause to everyone's attention. Sending you and yours the hugest hug lovely lady ~ Tina XX

  2. Thanks Tina. It such an important issue and so many people benefit from this.
    Ness xx

  3. Survivor of Kidney Cancer 6/09 - Thank you for this post - hooray for the spreading the word! Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  4. Obrigada pela postagem!Minha mãe é transplantada de rim há seis anos e o doador foi meu irmão,somos eternamente agradecidos a ele pelo gesto de amor!!!!

  5. A very important issue Ness, especially for you, and it is very important to remind everyone to become an organ donor.

  6. Great post Ness, and a great cause to support.

    Organ donation is so important and also the research that gets carried out. Good on you for putting it in the limelight here.


  7. Thanks for posting. My father and I both suffer from kidney disease and know how important it is for people to be educated about being a donor.

  8. Thanks for posting on sunch an imprtant issue. I used to work for an Orthopaedic oncologist and he us bone from donors to reconstruct limbs in cancer adults and children. Not many people know that bone is also used. I saw so many people able to walk again thanks to donation. I hope everyone who reads your post will go and sign their donation cards if they have not already done so.


  9. Hi sweet Ness!
    Healing thoughts, love and strength to you and your family. I had a tumor removed from my one of my kidneys 2 years ago, I know how frightening that level of health issues can be first hand. I'm on your band wagon. Treat your organs with love, and becoming an organ donor is a simple, simple action that has life changing results for someone in need.
    Thank you for shining a light on this.
    xo Isa

  10. Hi Ness, first I want to say that I'm totaly touched by your post. My Mon past away from kidney disease not long ago, and even before she could even get the surgery. My family are all donors and I really believe more donors, better lives!
    Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog.
    Have yourself a wonderful day and I hope many people will be touched by this post as I am!
    love, Li :-)

  11. Ness , perfect post. Anything that helps make people aware of Organ Donation has to be a good thing. Organ Donation was something we always talked to our kids about from the time they were old enough to understand. You can never be "too aware' of a cause like this

  12. Great post! Thanks so much for reminding people about organ donation, and kidney health in general. I live with kidney issues and was so happy to see your post about World Kidney Day.

  13. Totally agree Ness, I am already on the Organ donar registration list!! My Husbands aunt was the first ever lady kindey transplant patient in UK so I understand where you are coming from its great to spread the word hope your family mamber finds one soon :)

  14. Great post! Great way to spread the word... always post what you believe in, and others will follow!!

    Thank you.

  15. So glad you are feeling better Ness!
    Thank you for your advocacy on this issue :)

  16. Ness, I had no idea it was world kidney day. And I should, my husband had a kidney transplant 17 years ago! All our best to you and your family,

  17. Thanks for sharing this post. My Mum had kidney disease and had a transplant 6 years ago on the 13th of March (my dad's birthday) My best wish to your family and I hope the special one in your family has the chance to see a long life. I don't know why our country is not more proactive about this??? It just puzzles me.

    Wonderful blog too I found the link via the decorating forum after you made someone there some monogramed pillows, which by the wya are very lovely too =-D
    Take care


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