Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm thinking...again!

Today there was a definite chill to the air which prompted me to bring out one of my thick knitted cardigans for the supermarket run with little Mason. After we picked up Declan from his Easter hat parade at school we all came home to slightly cool house. Once dinner was on and the warmth from the oven and the smell was wafting through the kitchen, I got the bug as I do to do something.

I had actually contemplated lighting the fire, but lit this little candle instead...much easier, and I changed around the back of the sofa. This iron key I have loved ever since I spied it at Haven & Space when we lived in NSW. I thought it would go with the dark zinc bucket I have here in this little vignette.
Here it is below

I love this bucket and have had it for ages. Even the mark that is in the middle of it has added charm. There used to be a long sticker there that I had made to look like an old florists bucket, but as it aged it fell off...shame.
There is a reason I am showing you this little display. See the cut work fabric behind it all?
It is a gorgeous old table cloth I have had for years and I am really wanting to cover the other sofa...

Here is a sneak peek. It is just perfect. Anyway, I really want to cover the sofa and want to incorporate this cloth somehow. There is not enough to cover the sofa with, so I am still deciding how to do this best.
I would love to use it to cover the whole thing, but I am a little scared with our two boisterous boys it might get ripped.
I draped it over to see what it looked like and yes, the thought of them playing superman and sticking a little toe through it didn't sit well. So, maybe it will have to be a long lumbar cushion for each sofa.

Oh well, it looked good while the thought was there! It is meant to stay cool like today all weekend so hopefully the creative buzz will stay for a while.
Ness xx


  1. You just can't keep a good woman down, can you? Love it! xx

  2. love your coffee table....great post!

  3. Beautiful! Can't wait to see how you incorporated this tablecloth into the slipcover. Have a blessed day!

  4. HAHAHAHAHH, and thats how we keep ourselfs happy and busy;)!!! Lovely!!!


  5. I love the way you draped the fabric over the couch. Its a beautiful. I love the warm glow of the candle too-the mood seems so comforting.

  6. Beautiful pictures! I'm sure the pillows will look lovely and be much easier to take care of when the kids get a little crazy!
    :) sarah

  7. That fabric is gorgeous as is your vignette behind the couch. Love your zinc bucket...

  8. I have two candles like yours. But they need new color. Ok - that's one of the next works :)



  9. Very pretty vignette. I love to nose around and see what books other people have!


  10. The key intrigues me wondering what it might open & what one may find.......maybe it will open a door to a dark candlelit passageway not knowing what is around the corner , unlock a door at the bottom of a overgrown garden that leads to a magical place or maybe if you hold it tight & close your eyes it will open the dreams in your heart.......

  11. Darling Ness,

    So charming & simple!

    I want to come live in your house:)

    You make everything and everyday so SPECIAL!

    All three boys are the luckiest boys in the world!

    Big Mauh's!!
    Your cyber Mom

    remember last Easter you were being my busy little bunny... I was so so excited...I'm struggling this year to get there again~

  12. I love having blog friends in Australia! If I get homesick for Autumn here in the Spring, I can just pop over for a visit and there it is in all its cozy beauty!

  13. Hi Ness, what a lovely pictures. And yes, careful with tye beautiful table cloth over the sofa...I have two boys, and I still couldn't get anything too fancy here! They love to jump over!
    And the just got the same I have (my favourite): Living with Light!
    That's the way I choose to live!
    Gorgeous pictures, Ness.
    Have a wonderful Easter with your family! They are our "jewerly"!
    Love, Li :-)

  14. Love your little vignette! We have a similar lace tablecloth and I love the chance to use it!

  15. Beautiful Ness! Makes me just want to jump into the photo and hang out at your house!
    Happy Easter!
    Health and happiness,

  16. Sooooo beautiful - I love it!

  17. You are a busy girl, aren't you! Your pics are lovely, as is your tablecloth - it reminds me of one my mother has.
    Have a lovely Easter :D

  18. great old basket ;) I also always like to see what books other bloggers have on their coffee table
    Wish you a happy Easter weekend

  19. Love the vignette and that gorgeous chest.

  20. It is a beautiful piece of fabric, I to have two active boys that keep me washing my white slipcover on couch all the time, I cant wait to see what you do with it. You used to live in nsw, do you love living in tassie now?, Where in nsw and thinking of the move down there ourselves, would love any feedback you could give us. Hve a wonderful easter weekend.

  21. There are many things you could do with it. The fabric is lovely and would look nice in a large frame over the sofa, since you're afraid the boys would be too hard on it.

  22. I would love to wrap up in a woolie cardigan but I would cook here on the Gold Coast. We are still going to bed with the fans on! I am soooo missing the turning of the seasons.
    Enjoy your Easter Weekend Ness.

  23. Love the pictures! It's like the first cool day of fall with a little bit of crisp air, I love to light up the fireplace! Then we get the electrical bill (Gas fire) and I light the candles instead! LOL

  24. You could just make one big bolster pillow for the sofa and if there is any fabric left over, maybe you could make a skirt around the bottom of the sofa. Just a thought.

    Lovely photos.



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