Monday, April 12, 2010

They are on!!!

There on!!!
Now remember what we started with! eew.

We had one of those weekends where everything happened and the knobs didn't get put on. So, this morning I took it upon myself to get them on!!
Armed with Mics drill, I went to work.

First of all I stuck a piece of masking tape over the spot where I wanted to drill the hole. If you don't do this step your lovely new paint job and your doors will splinter and crack...not pretty. I measured 4cm in from top and sides to mark the spot.

See how neat it is when you use the masking tape?
Much better. Just remember to hold the drill straight while you do this or you will have crooked door knobs! A tip from my Dad is to tape a small spirit level to the top of your drill and keep an eye on the little bubble to make sure you are on target =0)

First one on, 10 to go!!You can't imagine how happy I was this morning while Mason and I were baking to be able to open the door properly without doing it with my feet!
It is only such a small change but it makes such a difference and I am so happy to be able to tick that box off the list.
The center island bin pull handles that I showed you will have to wait for now as the island needs completely re built when my Dad gets here as all of the runners collapsed and I have decided I just want shelves there and two top drawers and a lovely linen curtain over the getting all this Dad? ;0)
So, I hope if you have a drilling job you thought you needed to wait for your Husband, Dad etc to do, you will have a go is so rewarding - I promise!
Have a great day, I am going to open some doors =0)
Ness xx


  1. You go girl! Love that you went ahead and did it yourself. Ok, I'm off to do some renovations of my own! K xx

  2. They look wonderful! Thanks for the tip bout the masking tape.

  3. I love drills :) but didn't know the masking tape trick! Thanks for sharing that. The knobs look fabulous...and very straight!

  4. Ness, I love it. You did a fantastic job. Great centering. Perfect choice! ~lulu

  5. Great job! It is nice to be able to say that you've done it yourself :)

  6. I love it!
    You did a great job!
    Hope you are doing well!!!
    Talk to you soon!
    LOve how your counter looks!
    Talk to you soon,

  7. Hi Ness,
    Wonderful! I love knobs and they give a new style for any furniture!
    The tape was a good advice! Thanks!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Li

  8. Your handles look fantastic Ness. I am so impressed that you got in and did them yourself. Thanks for the tip about the tape, I will remember that! xx

  9. It is so amazing what something so small can do for the look of a room. Well done.

  10. Looks great. It is amazing what a difference little things can make.

    I am a big fan of the 'Just do it yourself and don't bother waiting for someone else to do it' school of redecorating.

    Because in my case I would otherwise be waiting quite a while.


  11. Your Dad reads your blog??? Wish mine did. I'd be dropping hints like nobodys business ...except he lives in NZ so there goes that idea:o(
    I find fingers are so much better than toes for opening doors;o)
    Can't wait to see the pull handles when they're done.

  12. Love those new handles!! Good on you for doing the job yourself :)

  13. Happy Grand Re-Opening, Ness!

    : )

    Julie M.

  14. Sensational! They look great. How satisfying to do it yourself.

  15. They look fabulous Ness, it is amazing the difference that new handles can make.

    As we all know the devil is in the detail :-)

    Leeann x

  16. Good for you Ness, nice job, I totaly agree on the drilling, I do it all my husband it not a diy man I used to have to re do everything he did so I just do it all now. :)

  17. Wow that has certainly made a huge difference. They look fantastic Ness; i guess knobs are a bit like buttons on a shirt if they arent right it throws the whole look out.Bye for now x

  18. I can well understand ... feet no more - a door can be opened by hand. After I had painted our kitchen white, I have long searched for lovely knobs. Our cat has learned from us and opens the doors still with his paw :)

    Your knobs look very good!

    Greetings and beso


  19. Nice job Ness.. If you want it done properly, do it yourself I say! They look fantastic and I hear you, it does make such a difference.. and makes your life easier!

  20. Great job Ness. Much more rewarding when you do it yourself

  21. Your new knobs look fabulous Ness! Even better since you did them yourself, and what a fabulous job you did too!! Enjoy opening those cupboards in the normal way:) Wishing you a fabulous week my sweet friend ~ Tina xx

  22. Ness!!!!! You are my kind a girl!!!!!!! Yes we can!!!(do it ourselves)........dont scream it form the rooftops because once our hubby get the message........;).
    It looks wonderfull!!!! Well done!!! My husband hides his drill....I dont know why *GRIN* now I walk around, armed with paint and a brush!!!! LETS GET TO IT!!!!


  23. Ness, they look great. A finishing touch like a bit of jewelry.

  24. THe cupboards and handles look great. I love you Dad's tip about the spirit level. I have a few holes to drill in my bedroom cupboards which have just been painted so I will give your tips a try.
    Clare x

  25. love what you did...very impressed that you used a drill.

  26. Gorgeous,gorgeous, gorgeous. You are such a talented lady...They look fab...Go girl..who needs to wait for men!!!!! Enjoy your day Kym

  27. Very nice!!! nothing like a woman with determination!

  28. We have the same hardware! It makes SUCH a difference. Just painting our dark oak cabinetry made me giddy! It's been about 5-6 years now but I still love them.


  29. OH I love them! It's like the perfect piece of Jewlery on your favorite outfit!
    Take care

  30. I absolutely love the idea of tapping a little level on the drill. I always make crooked holes. Now I can be successful. Yay!
    Great job Ness!
    Simply Rebecca Studios

  31. Bravo!!! there is nothing like getting stuck in yourself to get a job done, however I would be a bit nervy taking on the drilling. Looks brilliant.
    ps. I have that Marie Claire flavours book too, it is well used.Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately, have been soooooo busy, but I do check up with what you're up to. xx

  32. This made me laugh since I have no hardware on my cabinets either. I'm waiting to paint my cabinets before I put them on. Yours look good!!


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