Monday, May 17, 2010

Coastal - my way...

Right now I am loving this simple coastal style, and I don't love it to the letter though. Just elements of it, thrown in with basic elements from my own style. So I have gone through my files and found some beautiful images that explain what it is I love about this.
Obviously I love the clean, pale base of either white or linen walls and slip covered sofas...
but also loads of white linens and ticking stripes. I love to mix antique linens with new linens, but they all have to have that clean, unfussy look to them - like above.

via Oliveaux
I still love a little a sophistication thrown in there too and this shot is just beautiful. Botanicals, great lighting and some wood thrown in. It just depends on the space and if it needs darker, smooth wood or scrubby wood - I love either.

And of course wicker and sisal mixed with painted white wood. This is what I would like to out into place in our home. Now I am just deciding on what to get rid of and what will work!
A virtual yard sale may be in order!!
Ness xx


  1. Sign me up for your virtual yard sale, lol! I love the look of these rooms! All crisp and white, so clean looking! I love the botanical prints on that wall! I wish I had a slip cover for my sofa. I am on the lookout! I have dogs, a husband and children so you can imagine what it does to a sofa!

  2. Hi Ness:
    I love your idea of "Coastal". Homey, but just a touch of sophistication. I'd have to follow a photo to the letter, though, as I'm not very good at putting the whole look together myself! sigh
    Have a great week.

  3. Ooooh, love a yard sale! I think my favorite things about this style are the white wooden furniture, and the freshness of the walls... I am trying very hard to get more lovely linens into my home.. the kids seem to be against the idea!
    :) Flick

  4. I'm leaning more to this look myself. So clean and fresh. Love the sailboat.

  5. My apartment is slightly turning to a coastal home :) Thanks to IKEA for slip covered sofas :)
    Love this simple, pure, white deco style.

  6. dear ness... you and i are sooo alike... i basically have all of this in my house! have a lovely week... hope you are well xx pam

  7. Hi ness! I love this stile... and I really like the table's legs (in the last photo)!!

  8. That's my style. A little bit romantic, light, easy, vintage and only few but perfect decoration. ;)

    Thank you so much, Ness, for giving me back the faith to the normal!
    Besos for you


  9. You say the word and I'm signing up for that sale! They are all so pleasing to my eye. Like you I'd have to infuse just a little of myself in there. I just love my slipcovered life.<3 Donna

  10. This is my favorite kind of coastal. Love it! You know, some say whites are not as popular lately, but I guess I will always love them.

  11. This is the Coastal-style I love too...white, clean, uncluttered,windows,french doors,driftwood, and white roses.

  12. Lovely Ness, and you friend will pull it of beautifully!
    Enjoy your Monday

  13. Hi Ness, I have been reading your blog for over a year now and I have never commented as I think I tried once and it didnt work! I have just started my own blog and seeing how things work! So I just wanted to say that I love your work and wondering how you manage to find time to fit everything in?! You are a true inspiration to me. I am also going to be starting my own cushion business, but my designs are kinda different from yours, although I love your cushions, they are awesome, I am no screen printing expert! I am more of a sewer/embroiderer. Anyway, good luck with the virtual sale, will definently check it out. oh, I was hoping in the near future to do a post and was wondering if I could use one of your images; the one of the kitchen with the herringbone patterned splashback surrounding the oven? I wont use it unless you say its okay, Take Care Ness,
    much love, laura currie
    Perth WA

  14. Beautiful images,The coastal feel is so relaxing and pure. It makes me think of summer and days spent on the beach. I can see why you like the look it's very fresh.
    Donna xx

  15. Beautiful pics.. I can see your coastal style. I love coastal, but I love seeing everyone's unique own vision of coastal style.. mine is very simple, clean lines, lots of white and beige with lots of weathered roughness mixed in and added fresh flowers for colour pop!
    :) Lara

  16. Ness your style is just perfection my lovely. I love those fabrics and the whole coastal (but not too coastal look). I can't wait to see what changes you make...and did I hear you say yard sale? :) Count me in!! Hope you are having a wonderful week sweet girl. Big hugs to you ~ Tina xx

  17. Lovely Ness. I love that last image. I think we NEED Pottery Barn here. I would love to have a wander through.

  18. Coastal your way agrees with me!
    I love it! I live in a Florida
    coastal town, so I try to keep
    things simple and use alot of
    texture. Love the wicker chairs.
    I founda set of four wicker chairs
    for my dining table at a thrift
    shop in an aqua color! I love them! You always have something
    I just love!

    Flora Doora

  19. I love these! It is such a well balanced style with so much character. Easy and breezy!

  20. Your coastal style is my coastal style! I love all of these great pictures of the casual easy decorating style that comes with living on the water!

    Kat :)

  21. Beautiful images,The coastal feel is so relaxing and pure!
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