Thursday, May 13, 2010

I am SO over it...

As much as I adore our home, I am getting to the stage where I am over the decorating in here. Do you ever get this way? This is the longest I have ever not re decorated and I think I have done well, but it doesn't change the fact that I am over it.
Mainly, I am over the kitchen decoration. The pictures etc and the fireplace mantle (see top photo). I am sick of the little Sid Dickens inspired canvases I painted next to the window, the photos in the black frames to the left of the shot, the fact that I haven't had time to paint the chairs and get the dining set finished. I have thinking about this for the last month or so. I don't know if it is the cottage makeover or what, I do know I want to simplify and dare I say be done with the frou frou French side in me...gasp! I know!! I just would like my current style - simplified!

I am also over the colour of my $5.00 sideboard. Since re covering the other sofa, the colour of this matches too much and I don't like matchy things too much. I am thinking of painting it...maybe a soft grey. What do you think? Also the decoration here (although this is an old shot and there are different things on it now) has bored me.
My Mum suggested moving the big clock from above the mantel to here...not sure.

Don't get me wrong, I know this area is a HUGE improvement on what it was (see the before shot above and below when the previous owner was here). I just need a change. I would love to be able to put beadboard everywhere, but it is not going to happen, a repaint is out of the question too. So it is just a cosmetic thing I need.
Our hallway before...eeew!
Maybe I need a huge yard sale to get rid of all of our decorations to make way for new ones =0) and sell some stuff in the Etsy there is a thought.
Help me through this please!
Ness xx


  1. I understand how you feel Ness and am always in the similar mind frame to you. What I have learned is that sometimes you need to step out, take some time away from the 'interiors' thoughts and look at other things that inspire you. Actually your kitchen is very lovely but that doesn't stop you from being bored with it...I know. Forget about it for a few days and then dismantle all the objects and paintings and change them all around - this will make a huge difference. I think your mother is right about the clock and it will look pretty above the sideboard. This will leave a space to change the mantle and that will make a big difference to the kitchen. Maybe you could paint the sideboard a bold colour...that will really test your feelings! Are you really over the whole French shabby chic after all??? Have fun...xv

  2. Oh Ness, I'm sooo hearing you. Sometimes I wonder why we can't just be done and happy with what we've got and then I remember it's because we're such fickle aesthetes! We want everything around us to look fresh and beautiful and even when we have a lovely home or nicely decorated room we can still get bored or want a change - something new or different.
    When I go through a stage like this I like to really pare things back. Empty out a room and put back only what I really love. I know it seems a shame to change your mind about decor every two minutes though that's what eBay and garage sales are for! No need to run at a loss!

  3. I know what you mean about getting tired of things...grey sideboard with the clock sounds cool to me!

    Have a beautiful weekend, Ness!

    : )

    Julie M.

  4. I totally hear you on this one.I agree with the first commenter, sometimes you need to step away from it. The more I focus on interiors and reading magazines and so on, the more I find in my own house that I don't like or I think is wrong or passe or whatever. I purposely didn't renew my subscriptions to a lot of the interiors mags this year for that reason. And when I DO have to update and can't do anything drastic, I just move stuff around a bit and rearrange it... But anyway, your house is beautiful. I've been watching from afar for a while now and really like what you're doing with it.

  5. Yep, I get it. I am not buying anything until after our trip. I am only rearranging until then. Sometimes you just need to have a break, concentrate on living and doing other stuff. Then you realize the things you really love and can part with the things you don't. But, having said that, I think the sideboard in french grey would totally transform things and give you a happy boost.

  6. Yeah, I think we must all get sick of things as they are. I have moment where I think I'd even like a 50's home! But then I look at the high ceilings here as well as the space and it's all alright!
    I think grey sounds great for your sideboard. Also, maybe you just need a spot of bright colour to take your bored feelings away??

  7. Yes I know the feeling and I think you are thinking too much about it. I think one thing you COULD do which might make things feel different is (1) get some fabric and have different curtains, maybe a more wintery fabric for the cold weather? (2) definitely paint the sideboard possibly grey .... Neither of these would cost much. xoxo Anyway don't worry I do think your kitchen looks great it is just your State of Mind this month!

  8. I love this itchy feeling of needing a BIG change. It inevitably happens to me as the long summer holidays end, the children about to go back to school and I start getting out the colour cards and emptying rooms.
    Just GO FOR IT, a change be it big or small is always stimulating.
    Start with the sideboard colour and changing around the things you display there, it will s p r e a d!

    Have fun!

  9. I too have felt like this on many, many occasions and the best advice I can think of to give you is to not look at the whole picture at once, you will feel overwhelmed and your head will spin. Pick a project that you feel you will gain the most satisfaction from and work on that. Then gradually move on to what feels right next. This way you wont feel too bamboozled all at once.
    Good Luck
    Donna xx

  10. what you mean! But with a large pot of paint, a big box to put the stuff in that you don't want anymore you'll make a great first step!!!! Take everything out, create a basic look and go from there, who am I telling!! GO AND CREATE GIRL!!!



  11. Dear Ness, I understand your feeling. But start slowly. For me the best way of living is: to change only one or two things. Sometimes it's enough to take paint, sometimes I change one with another, sometimes I sell one and buy a new or I find a better to restore...

    Remember: every 7 years you can feel a break in your live ;)

    Hugs and beso


    Thank you so much for your mails - I was very pleased!! ;)

  12. wowsers Ness, can i just say...excitement! change is always a good thing i think. keeping life moving and evolving, that's great!

    so excited to see what happens : )


  13. Hi Ness, When I stage a house, I remove everything I don't love furniture wise from a room, plus all the "bits". I put all the removed furniture and bits in the hallway and then "shop" from there and bring things back into the room. This way things get moved from other rooms and repurposed. Anything not repurposed is left in the hall to be boxed up for a garage sale.

    I have been crazy for a color that I call "rhubarb" That sideboard would look great with an unexpected color like that and just 1 or two simple, rustic accessories for juxtaposition.

  14. Hang in there. I loved your old posts when you did the sidetable - I thought you did an amazing job on it. I totally understand the colour thing though. Word of warning - you may never be happy. I painted mine in a fine grey, and low and behold, 12 months on, hate it! I have a habit of hording old mags. If you do the same, its very cathartic to get them out and start chopping away at all the pictures you love. Whack them in a collage and stick them to your wall in the kitchen. Some images you will tire of, others you'll embrace. Once you're sure you love it, go shopping! Hope that helps. May the shopping force be with you.

  15. You know what I do Ness when I get like that? I take everything out of the room, and start putting things in one by one. I shuffle things from different rooms, put some things away for a while, and if you add a new coat of paint, it will seem like a whole new room - at least until the next time you get ants in your pants! But I completely understand that restless feeling - I get it far too often. Oh, and make sure you show us your 'new' room when it's done! K xx

  16. Hi Ness,
    Well, sometimes I read other people's comments before I write anything and other times I don't. This time I did and I agree with all of the above, so not very original am I? I can say I am somewhat relieved, 'cause I feel that way too. Recently, with A-M's gorgeous house spread, I looked at some of my rooms and thought YUK!! So for now I have put the magazine away. (And to clarify I don't mean anything bad for A-M, I feel excited for her and she has done such a fantastic job, but I suppose when you buy a home as opposed to building, there are things that I will never be entirely happy with). I tend to agonise over things, know that things look okay then see something or go to someone elses home, love their home and come home and pick the eyes out of mine and wonder if I've been on some sort of drug to think mine looks okay!! Talk about tying myself in knots. So I am grateful (again) that there are likeminded people out there. I think your sideboard would look great painted grey and if you don't like it...well it's only a tin of paint. Anyway, have rambled on WAY too much...Hope you have a great day tomorrow. Will call in again then.
    Take care

  17. Ness ....say it ain't so! Never ever loose your frou frou French side. This is only a moment of frustration. Your home is beautiful. I agree with the others when they say to take everything out and re stage. I did it and the outcome was rather funny! I ended up putting almost all of it back because I really loved it all.I'm going to say that you should tackle you kitchen table project. It's the one thing I haven't gotten to either but its the thing that will make the biggest change I think. Then girl go buy yourself some flowers and enjoy looking around that gorgeous home! <3

  18. Hi Ness:
    I know exactly how you feel. I love looking at all the decorated homes we can see on other people's blogs and I love their looks - all perfectly "coifed", with just the right amount of "stuff" - but that's not me. My efforts to stage such wonders leaves my rooms looking like yard sale setups. Your decor is wonderful (you're someone who knows how to place her things beautifully) but, I too, long for "less".
    Keep putting up photos. I'd love to see what you do!

  19. so we all get this :) I am wondering about a very pale gelati inspired pistachio green - I mean very pale on the side board ... just a thought :) le

  20. I am making ready for a sale as I got to the same place you did... I have many things I love and will keep but I am tired of stash everywhere and want to keep it simple although I love lots od stuff. I am very glad I am almost done with the sorting and decisions...

  21. THANK GOODNESS!!! I am not the only one! I am feeling this about my living and dining too. It has been almost 2 years since I repainted and redone. SO..that is my plan. Take out and get rid of what you dont LOVE..and hit garage sales and thrift stores. I think a bold color on the sideboard is a great idea!

  22. I think what you are feeling is A-ok. We don't love the same style forever. A few years back I was very shabby chic, I look at the pictures now and want to throw up and my style has been evolving now for the past year. I don't follow guidelines, I just do what I love and my house makes me very happy. Just do what you love, don't think about it, just start doing it and you will fall in love with your house all over again.


  23. Ness~ looks like you're getting some great advice from your readers. Pull out the stuff you don't just LOVE LOVE LOVE anymore and leave stuff empty for a few days until you are 'feeling' it again. I love the idea of painting your sideboard a soft gray.

  24. Me Too! I get that way all the time. The best way to do it is have a garage sale! That is what we are doing this weekend. Community garage sale. Try to get neighbors involved! The bigger the more people come. Out with the old in with the new! ~lulu

  25. Well, it all looks lovely to me. But if you're tired of it, you're tired of it. I always tell clients that that is when it's time to redo... when you have no doubt that you're exhausted with your decor. Then you will have no sentimentality about change. I say go for it!

  26. LOVE the idea of painting the sideboard grey!!! I know what you mean- I get bored easily with my decor- I'm in the middle of changing out mine too! ;)

  27. I get that way too, but I say paint the middle section of your sideboard a neon color to liven things up and steer away from the sweetie-Frenchy vibe (pretty, but can be a little one-note). ;)

  28. I so am hearin ya on the being so over decor and such.. right now I am so over my handful of mismatched flowery teacups, dishes and saucers. I actually just packed them all up and down to the basement they go to wait for a future garage sale. I want to simplify too and have been pretty ruthless at packing up almost anything that has any froo froo shabby chic flowers as I prefer clean and simple lines these days all with my conversion to coastal beachyness. Painting your sideboars grey is a great idea and still very ya can't go wrong simple.. I think a light french grey wash would be right on. I love the color of your walls in that room.
    :) Lara

  29. is part of being a designer though I must say I have kept my own hands off my own house for some time now. Sometimes I just let things be and go on to other pursuits and find the answer comes to me via thinking of other things when I least expect it. I hope that helps but those decorating blues can sometimes make us react too quickly. Besides that, you are supposed to be resting!! Yikes, I sound like someone's mother. But I do like Vicki's suggestion of trying a bold new colour or the soft gray you mentioned. Much love Xo

  30. Since you like linen-you might consider checking out the new Restoration Hardware catalog for an idea on finishes (for your sideboard)...

  31. Oh Ness,
    I'm totally getting where you are coming from. I've been looking around my house lately and thinking exactly the same thing. Of course, the piles of washing on the floor does nothing for the decor - nor the growing mice problem!!! Mice poop everywhere! Oh, if only I could give it a good cleanse and start again! Maybe it's that winter is here and everything just looks drab in winter - don't you find? Or is it just me? sx

  32. We are never satified for long!! I think a mental break would do well, and maybe being a little more eclectic, instead of all French Provencial!!Shake things up bit!! add some splashes of bold colour!!Not primarys or anything, even strong shades of pastel!How about soft turquoise, and/or rose pink and buttercup yellow!!MMmmm Yum!

  33. I read the comments, as I am going
    through the same thing. They are so helpful! It is going
    on Summer here and with a change
    of Seasons, I think we want changes. I made a new slipcover
    for a foot stool in a Summer type
    fabric, changed my area rugs to
    cream/blue stripe (even my beloved
    Oriental in the kitchen was put
    away)...and made some wild black
    white polka dot pillows for the
    porch! This helped for
    maybe some small changes for you
    will do the trick. Painting the
    cupboard, new fabric, as suggested... seem like a good start!

    Flora Doora

  34. Hi Ness, I think anyone who is into decorating goes through the same thing. I know I have. Sometimes I think I have made my house too girly, girly as I am into shabby chic, roses etc and I feel I just want to throw everything out and start again. I have gone from mediteranean with blue lounges and terracotta tables, to country and now to shabby chic. I really think you just need to take a break, stop looking for that special something that will make your house perfect.. as I know it can be exhausting! Sometimes when I go on holidays and have been away for a week or so and return home its like I'm seeing my home for the first time and I'm quite pleased with the look, which reassures me that I am going in the right direction,for me. It's probably because we are in our homes all the time we get bored with it, but it doesn't mean it isn't beautiful any more. There are so many pretty blogs out there with such talented ladies and beautiful homes that I think it can get confusing especially if you like a few different styles, like me. So what I do is just stop decorating and enjoy my house the way it is till I get the bug to shuffle things around again. I think your house is beautiful and love the fireplace you have in the kitchen! It adds so much charm! I think your sideboard would look great grey, after all it's only paint, if you don't like it paint it again and I agree the clock would look great on top of that. Hope I haven't rambled on too much.. good luck and just enjoy your home as it evolves.. take care, Maryann

  35. Oh wow honey I get to that stage pretty much about a month after I finish a room - I just can't help myself! There are too too too many ideas floating around in this head of mine!

  36. Ness, I know how you feel. I think we all grow tired of familiar rooms after a while, especially for me when suddenly them seem cluttered with things I hate (that I once loved!). Why is that? Bored brain syndrome and all those glorious new rooms in magazines and blogs...
    Just try to freshen up what you have with a less is more approach or maybe one interesting new thing. I was just noticing that my living room (cream, white, brown, sage green) would be totally transformed if I added ONE raspberry red thing, like a great painting and maybe a pillow or throw. So it doesn't have to be a major overhaul....

    xo Terri

  37. I like Jules' words about changing things up a bit and that life, as well as style is ever evolving. Nothing is forever, I say.

  38. The most important thing is that your house reflects you, and what you like, not what you think you should like, or what the taste police think should go with what. If you take everything out of a room and then put back only what you absolutely LOVE, often things can grow from there. But hey, you're doing a great job just by putting your heart into what youve done, so dont be too hard on yourself. It all looks pretty gorgeous to me.

  39. Love your side board and for $5 what a steel... I think painting it a soft grey would look very nice...


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