Monday, May 10, 2010

New Designs and an award...

Hope all of you Mummy's had a wonderful Mothers Day with your families. I did and was given some very sweet hand made gifts from the boys, although Mason ate the gift he made for me on Friday...never mind!
I did get some sewing done and remember the vintage linen that I made my roll-up blind with? Well I printed I made some covers out of it for the store.
I tried to use some of the ladder stitch and cut work detailing from the linen and incorporate it into the cover. I also printed my first batch of this new floral design I made. It is based around one of my vintage hankies that was given to me by my late Grandmother. On the linen I just printed it in white off to one side and I think it freshens up the look a little. The backs of these covers is my favourite thick white cotton. I have some more of this linen left and will be making some more things up with it for the shop.

I thought I would give a repeated pattern a go and hand mixed this china blue ink for a white cover with my new floral design on it for my Etsy Store. I love it and it reminds me of a beautiful china plate. The print that is originally on the hankie it came from is very small and petite and I love the scale of this new version of mine and may make some for our sofas. As you can see, it looks so fresh on our newly covered sofas.
By the way, the response from the slipcover post has been wonderful and I have had a lot of requests to cover peoples sofas. I am hoping to do a more detailed post with some easy to follow drawings of how I done it as some of you wanted to try yourself and didn't know where to begin. I will work on the drawings tonight after my bootcamp class.

Oh, I received this Beautiful Blog award from Victoria over at Vintage Girl blog. Thank you so much for this award. I really do appreciate getting these and I know the last few I have been given I haven't posted about, but they were lost in the old computer when it died. Just know I do love them all.
Please stop by Vintage Girl and have a look, I am sure you will enjoy Victoria's blog.
...and don't forget to have a look at my Etsy store and the new covers. Let me know what you think!
Ness xx


  1. Hi Ness,
    WOW Huge response to the previous post. You have been a very busy girl! I really like the first cushion and the second cushion is something a little different, it too reminds me of a blue and white china plate. Went over for a look at your etsy store. All looking good, keep up the great work. Have a great day tomorrow.
    Take care

  2. Well done Ness, the new cushions are great. congrats on the awards. You deserve all of them. Hope your mothers day was lovely.

  3. congratulations!! you've deserved it!!!
    I'm just IN LOVE with the bleu flowerpillow........................SIGH

    Have an nice day!!


  4. The new designs are fabulous - I just love the floral pattern, it's gorgeous!!

  5. Ness, that's beautiful! Do you have worked at weekend? What's the matter with a little pause? ;)

    Hugs and beso


  6. ness,
    i love the ladder stitch.
    it is a great look.
    did you create it?

    xx happy mommy's day
    and congratz on the award.

  7. Your pillow creations are stunning.
    I love how you have used the old linen to make them. There is nothing like the patina of vintage linens. Ooh!


  8. The new cushions are great. Lovely. Hug Stina

  9. I'm such a cushion freak so when you mentioned new designs i had to check it out ..i love it.. looks adorable, i think i might have to visit your store soon ..thanks for sharing and congrats on your well deserved award xx

  10. Hi dear Ness, the new design is fab! The blue floral pattern is just lovely and it's great on your "completely new" sofa!!!

    Have a great week!

  11. Wow Ness, love the print on the pillow! You have been a busy girl. Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

  12. Great cushions! Congratulations, it's a well deserved award you received!

  13. Congrats on your lovely award Ness! I love your new cushions, especially the repeat pattern one, it is so gorgeous!! Wishing you a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  14. Awesome award. Congrats. Those pillows are so beautiful! I love the blog. So glad I found it.


  15. Ness love the new cushion covers.
    Sounds like you enjoyed Mothers Day

  16. You really do have a beautiful blog and well deserving of the award. Congratulations!

  17. Hi Ness,
    Congrats on your well deserved award!

    I really need to just order that gorgeous that ruched pillow cover, it keeps calling to me *swoon*



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