Monday, May 24, 2010

Smitten...and confused!

from my files - unknown
I am totally smitten by this amazing kitchen!
I would just be happy to unpack my belongings in here and start cooking straight away.
That is one thing which is on my list for the next home, is a nice kitchen that doesn't need work done...oh heaven!
all things cottage
This is what we will need when all of this is done.
Our house is like a bomb site at the moment while the moving room adventures are underway. Our old bedroom, which is the other living room has just small bits and pieces in there while we give it some TLC. Until this is done, I cant move the furniture in it is all in my old office, which is now our main bedroom - confused yet?
It will only get more confusing I am sure.
wish us luck please!!
Ness xx


  1. Good luck with all of your rearranging and with the sale of your house and with the finding of a new one! I pray that it all falls into place for you! xx

  2. Oh what a beautiful kitchen. I love those lights. How exciting that we get to follow along in your search for the perfect home.

  3. Dear Ness, if I should ever have another house, then I would have a huge kitchen. 30qm² or more ;). With a looooooooooooong table, an AGA, an huge american refrigerator and a lot of other beautiful furnitures :)

    I'm sure, that you'll find the perfect house!!!



  4. Good luck on finding your next home.
    I absolutely love the second picture. It is total relaxation.

    Much Love,

  5. How exciting Ness, moving and packing and all that fun stuff. Working on you know what, my dad is in the hospital so time is a bit limited but almost ready to go. Much love and happy packing. XO

  6. Is the other seat in that garden taken???;)
    I wish you luck!!!! Wish moving could happen in an eyeblinck!!


  7. sweet ness..
    just remember to breathe... and take a break to rest... xx pam

  8. When we start doing this 'moving stuff' we think it will be easy but once you do one thing you find you are doing something you didn't think you'd need too.
    May confusion reign supreme!!LOL

  9. That is a FABULOUS kitchen for sure!

  10. Ness,
    Head over to my blog & you'll see the actual place of your last image. Its an killer little inn near my old grounds.
    I rmemeber the getting ready to sell days but once you have the papers signed, the keys handed over all that hell...well it stays with you but hey its soo worth it.
    Stay strong & happy!!!

  11. I can totally understand you wanting a lovely new kitchen Ness - from someone who bought a house needing renovation, I often find myself dreaming of something all shiny and new and DONE! But now you've made your decision, you'll know just what to look for. And if it has a kitchen like this one, you're definitely on the right track! K xx

  12. That is a lovely kitchen photo! Good luck in all the rearranging. I think it is wise that you are taking the time now to get things ready for resale.

  13. Ness, you poor darling!! It probably seems like chaos at the moment, but it will all be so worth it in the end! Thinking of you:) Oh and that kitchen picture is GORGEOUS!!! Hope you find the perfect house with the kitchen of your dreams. ~ Tina xx

  14. Beautiful photos!! I love all the images you post!!! This is such a beautiful kitchen and great outdoor pic!!! Love it!!! :)


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