Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ginger Jars, Updates and a GIVEAWAY!

Today I had hoped to show you the re done center island, but I can't as it is still not finished. There has been too many other things going on around here. A 6th Birthday for our little Declan, burst water main, way too much rain, other jobs to attend, etc, etc.
I did manage to group some of my Ginger jar collection together on our old TV cupboard. You may remember that my Mum and Dad brought me a load down to add to my collection, some of them are here. I love them.
Here are some other updates....
The bathroom is still in progress. We are having to replace some boards as they are beyond help and Dad is helping us do this. We have made the decision to paint the floor in here. Sanding and polishing is going to be just to time consuming...and we just don't have the time right now.
The Miners Cottage is undergoing a mini fumigation. Every time I step in here, I come out feeling itchy!!! I'm not going back in there until this is finished...can you blame me?
Mum and I are hopefully going to do some work on the weekend - if the itchies are gone (I know this is not a word btw).
I am just hanging to get going in there.
I have also listed some clay tiles in my Etsy store, made by me from start to finish. I have sold some already which was nice as I wasn't sure how they would go.
Oh, and see the fabric this one is laying on? It is some of the new fabric I have from French General to play with =0) when I have some time.

I also added this sweetie to my etsy shop too and some others are on the way
It is hectic right now. I have so many jobs to do and all of this rain is not helping. I just keep thinking 'There is about 8 and a half weeks until Spring'....ah! sunshine!!

I have something special to post about tomorrow...could it be a GIVEAWAY?????!

Ness xx


  1. Your Ginger jars are exquisite! They look so lovely!!

  2. You have been busy Ness! I love your clay tiles, I remember that they were the first things that caught my eye ages ago and led me to your blog! xx

  3. I understand busy! Love the ginger jars! Beautiful! Have wonderful day! ~Lulu

  4. So lovely, Ness!

    I've missed catching up with you while I was away!


  5. You are one busy lady! I can't wait to see the makeovers! I love the pillow, it's just beautiful...

  6. I can't wait to see what you do with the miners cottage... and I know you're incredibly busy but I'm looking for some suggestions on what to do with our new rental. It's two story house, the living room doesn't have a floor above it which means the ceilings are like 18 feet tall... it has this tan carpet thats at least ten years old throughout the entire house... and its a rental and the landlord painted the walls white... which sort of shows every little flaw... we're not going to repaint (due to ridiculously high ceilings and it being a rental) so I'm trying to think of ways to cover up some of that plain white walls, and also to incorporate all of our furniture we have black couches, and black or dark brown end tables and consoles, and all of our artwork incorporates oranges and reds... anyway... I was thinking of hanging really large drapes, or framing large pieces of fabric... or well... I don't know... any ideas?

  7. My mother collected ginger jars, I love yours! And that pillow is too cute!

  8. I love your ginger jars! So pretty. Looks like a lot of exciting work going on.

  9. Hi Ness, you are such a busy bee:) Love your ginger jars, they look fabulous:) I am so in love with your new little bird pillow, you clever lady! How fabulous to have your parents visiting and to have them help out. Hope those itchies are eradicated from the miner's cottage - eew! Have a fabulous Wednesday sweetie ~ Tina xx

  10. Hi Ness,
    You make the most beautiful things.

    Hope the itch goes aways!


  11. So much to do, but its always nice to have a project:) Love your collection of ginger jars.

  12. Wow, busy times indeed. I love those ginger jars and your new bird cushion!

  13. Hang in there - reno's are said to test the most hardcore, seasoned decorater. It will pass and all will be well. Living in the eye of the reno storm however can be hard yakka. I agree, get rid of the itchy's first and then go in for the body tackle. I remember only too well finding a massive rash from head to toe during my reno's. Some little bugger bit me during the carpet rip up of 2009 and I paid it back by letting off enough bug bombs to rid a 25k radius of vermon.

  14. Hi Ness,

    My, you are one busy lady!!! YUCK BUGS, I am in full agreement with Knicky Knacks above and had to laugh at her comments about the bug bombs. I use them too and think they are great...I haven't seen a silverfish in a couple of years and have finally eliminated those horrible millipede thingys that curl up in a ball. But bugs aside your ginger jars look great and love the design of the bird cushion. How much rain have we had?!!! Way too much, we had a hail storm here yesterday and showers here today...although I went to 'Entally House' today with my youngest! Hope you've had a great day also.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  15. Love the ginger jars.
    Ooh a giveaway sounds like fun

  16. I just love giveaways!
    greetings from Holland,

  17. I can't wait to see the finished outcome. Maybe you can add bathroom vanities to the bathroom to make it more luxurious.


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