Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Matster Bedroom done...check!

So, I have finished moving the furniture out of my old office to become our 'new' bedroom and it is so nice to be in here. The light has always been amazing in this room (which is why it was my office).
I took these pictures today before I had finished getting all of the small pieces from my office out, like the small unit next to the white 2 door cupboard that you can just see. That little white 2 door cupboard was another of my $5.00 finds. All I had to do was add the new blue china knobs and give it a clean. It has all of my fabric in there and I thought I would just leave it in this room as it just goes.

The big cupboard on this wall was a freebie and houses all of our clothes shoes etc and it is so big. It just didn't have any doors, so some white cotton curtains was all it needed to soften the space. All up it cost us about $15.00 for the material. The little cane bedside was my Grandmothers and is special to me so it had to stay =0)
Oh, and see the stuff on top of the big cupboard? Well that is some of the things that will be going in the virtual yard sale I will be having here on my blog throughout June. I keep finding more pieces for the sale, so instead of doing it in one hit, I will just add here and there which will make it easier to track...there is still 3 other rooms to look through yet!!!

Now one thing I still have to do in here is finish painting the French door. I have loved sitting in here looking out of the door. It is such a wonderful room and I love how cozy it is.
...maybe it is because it is all white !!!!
Ness xx


  1. Hi dear Ness! Your "new" bedroom is really full of light!! and I love that frame on the wall!

    Have a sweet day!

  2. Wow!!! Ness, it looks beautiful! You have done a great work! It's lightly and romantic. I love it!

    Thank you for your mail - it is allways so nice. But you also can need the postmode of operation ;) It's easy *bg*



  3. Great, with the sunlight streaming in!

  4. It looks fabulous Ness,very relaxing!

    Leeann x

  5. It is a lovely room....peaceful and serene! Enjoy! :)

  6. What a baeutiful crisp and fresh bedroom. Love how you have decorated it.

  7. That is just so pretty! I love how the sunlight streams in in your photos. The linens are gorgeous, as well as that french door & curtains (it's going to look lovely painted white!) & I love the white frame with the wreath in it.. nice touch!

  8. Hi Ness-It's so bright and airy, I love it! Really like that frame with the wreath, gorgeous! Hope your doing well! XOXO

  9. Now I lay me down to sleep ....can just inmagine cuddling under the covers in such a dreamy delightful space, Jennifer jennsthreegraces


  10. Oh, sooo beautiful! I love the arrangement of artwork!!

  11. its beautiful, and so peaceful!

  12. Love the bedroom Ness! I especially like your french door....It does bring in so much light!
    Health and happiness,

  13. Hi Ness,

    What a room with all that natural would make you feel happy just being in there, and of course the french door finishes it off nicely. If we ever built I would have french doors everywhere, LOVE them. They are definately at the top of my list of my most favourite things. Hope you have a great day tomorrow.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  14. It looks great Ness and I love that light streaming in.

  15. Hi, I like the natural light but it looks kind of cluttered. Sorry for the criticism, but there is too much going on.

  16. Hi Ness, I love your frame with the wreath in it. I am going to copy it for my guest room. I have the frame and just need to find a nice wreath. Please take this as a compliment as you have a lovely home.

  17. Looks fantastic Ness, very cozy and I'm sure it will appeal to lots of potential buyers. No wonder you're enjoying your 'new' bedroom! K xx

  18. Ness it is so beautiful. The light coming through is fabulous. Have fun in your 'new' bedroom. Sure has a romantic look to it.
    Looking forward to your 'Sale'

  19. Looking picture perfect Ness. Someone will snap your creamy dreamy home away from you lickety split.
    Hopefully all that wonderful light won't intrude too early in the morning benath your lids. ;)

  20. What a beautiful room. Very peaceful!

  21. Ness, your 'new' bedroom looks just beautiful! I love the fabric panels on your cupboard:) It's lovely that you now get to enjoy this gorgeous light room as your bedroom for a litte while. Hope you are having a wonderful week gorgeous girl ~ Tina xx

  22. Looks fantastic cosy and homely...youve got the gift of always adding such a personal touch to every room. Well done x

  23. Oh, it is so beautiful Ness - it takes my breath away! Have a lovely weekend x

  24. so cozy... just love it ness... xx pam

  25. Awesome post!I love how the sunlight streams in in your bedroom. The linens are great! love the white pillows too, especially the Bed very romantic indeed!

  26. Love the serene!
    When I got my first apartment
    I had the same print of the
    girl with the geese! Was so
    happy to see it in your room...
    always loved it! You have a
    beauitful home!

    Flora Doora

  27. I love the rooms you posted. They are so beautiful. That colors are so pretty - very much like the color in our bedroom. I think that color is so calming. Thank you so much.

    Deirdre G
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