Saturday, June 5, 2010

Project...$5.00 Armchairs!!

I bought two of these chairs a while back for $5.00 each to go in Mics slot car room (the man den!) and had planned on recovering them for him with a ticking in navy and white. But, as we have had to change our rooms around for the sale of our home I have had to use these in the Family Room as one of the sofas from here is now in the Living Room (more on that soon). So, I did have to recover them as this brown tweed fabric was horrible and I had to make it look the part to match the sofa...
I recovered them!
(you can still see the $5 price label on the arm. It is gone now)

In this lovely white waffle weave fabric which was an unused quilt/duvet cover that never sat properly on any bed. It is such a soft fabric I thought it would work well to cover the chairs. I re used the zippers from the original covers.
They needed cushions to go on them and I had this lovely stripe fabric that my Mum picked up at an op shop for $2.00 for about 6 meters and I have been wondering how I would use it for a while now. I covered some buttons in white linen to match the waffle weave fabric and filled them with poly fill.
So, all up it cost me $10.00 for the chairs, and about .50 cents each for the cushions.
Not bad for about 2 hours work I think =0) I have just made a new canvas for above our sofa to go with these chairs. I will show you it all soon.
Hope you are having a great weekend - I am!
Ness xx


  1. You are incredible and very talented. I'm very VERY impressed. Looking forward to reading more about your clever ideas and transformations. Felicity

  2. Ness, I love that you repurposed a bed spread. The waffle weave looks great. What a bargain for $10!.....of course you sewing skills add a lot more to that. Great job on these!

  3. Wow, what a transformation, and so cost effective to, they look great!!!

  4. Ness, your chairs look fabulous! I LOVE your striped cushions! Now about this 'Man Den'...please don't ever mention it to my hubby as I know what he will want to add when we extend our home - lol!! So happy to hear you are having a wonderful weekend sweet girl. Hugs to you ~ Tina xx

  5. Such a fabulous job, and I love the price.

  6. Ness, you are one clever and resourceful lady! The chairs are fabulous and if you ever decide to sell these cushions please let me know :)
    Cheers from Perth

  7. Not bad at all! I think you did an awesome job recovering those! I usually think that's a time consuming job at which I cuss and cry until I finally get it done!
    Lila Ferraro
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  8. Hi Ness! Wow what a wonderful transformation. You are so talented and resourceful. That cushion fabric is lovely... there is just something about stripes, isn't there? Thank you for sharing these

  9. Ness:
    What a fabulous makeover for the two chairs. I really like the pillow covers you made, too! Well done!

  10. Great job on the chair recover and a great find! I love those $5 finds!

  11. The chair transformation is fabulous and you cant beat that price!!

  12. Oh how I love it when you post about your projects! They are
    always amazing! These chairs
    look fantastic! Thank you for
    sharing with us!

    Flora Doora

  13. The waffle weave was a genius move; the chairs look wonderful now and nobody would know how wonderfully frugal they truly are. Great job!

  14. WOW - look what you did! I am inspired to find something to re-finish that doesn't require an expensive purchase.

  15. Hi Ness!
    I love seeing things like this!!!!I think it is so much more fun making something out of nothing!!!!Those chairs had good bones...Well done!

  16. Great job, you are very resourceful and talented!

  17. Hi Ness,
    You are amazing! I would have passed up those chairs and would not have the vision that you did.
    They turned out wonderful! Great job!


  18. Ness what a fabulous makeover. The ugly ducklings turned into beautiful swans.

  19. Great job. I love that stripe and the waffle weave. You are clever to put it all together. It looks great.

  20. Oh Ness...just have Aced it once again ;) x

  21. The ugly ducklings turned into beautiful swans.
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  22. Love these chairs, Ness. $5? Amazing!



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