Thursday, July 15, 2010

Calm Creative Storm

Is there such a thing?
There must be. Since we have had some crazy storms and torrential rain here in Tasmania, I have been making, making, designing, re arranging and making some more. It has been a very calming experience as all of these things I am about to show you have been for our own home, not orders or clients...just us and I am inspired!!
Believe it or not, the 2010 Christmas range is underway even.Something I don't usually start for a little while yet.
Anyway, I laid out this pile of fabrics the other day and SO many things came to mind. The fabrics include some 100 year old linen, a gorgeous French inspired ticking stripe and floral from French General, my hand dyed linen, herringbone wool and the embroidered white linen with the ladder stitching detail...what to do first!
After a little art switch in our bedroom (remember I had the pictures up still from when my office was in here? I changed it to the wreath canvas I made that was in the living room...confused yet??) I decided we needed some new European covers for our bed. So I made up the wonderfully warm neutral coloured covers at the back. Like them?

Here is a close up.
I added my print (which was inspired by a vintage handkerchief my gran gave me) in a very light grey as I wanted it to have a subtle tone and not jump right of the cover at you. It looks so nice behind our snowy white ruffled Euro covers and i am very pleased with how it turned out seeing I put it on with a kitchen sponge instead of screen printing it. This technique i have started to love as it gives the print a vintage look.

So much so, I made 2 white and grey covers to go on the sofa and I think I will make some more for the $5 chairs!
I also made the long pillow to the right of the photo out of the embroidered linen and my grey herringbone wool. This fabric is so soft and snugly - perfect to curl into on the sofa while the rain hits the French doors and the fire crackles! Mic has given it the thumbs up too. He is SO sick right now and has spent the last few days snuggled up against this pillow.
Oh and i still haven't made anything with the vintage Irish linen piece yet...too scared to sew it in case I ruin it!!
The calm creative storms can stay - for a little while anyway =0)
Ness xx


  1. Your pillows are gorgeous, so keep on creating up a storm!

    With this hot weather I have been staying inside and creating pillows too. I like the addition of the grays with the whites, so pretty.


  2. Hi Ness, your so creative, they look amazing you clever girl. Sandy x

  3. What a beautiful selection of fabrics! I just love the wreath you have created and moved to above your bed. It's symbolic too I think - round, ongoing, forever. Is it doda vine? I have made some small wreaths with doda vine but never attempted anything so large scale. Thanks for the inspiration! New to your blog but already hooked!
    X Briohny.

  4. Hi Briohny,
    It isnt Doda vine, it is Twisted Willow...very easy to bend and there is a post a little while back that I done when I made this.
    Thanks for your sweet comment. Hope to 'see' you here soon.
    Ness xx

  5. Gorgeous cushions and great inspiration, sometimes it takes bad weather for us to stay at home and be motivated, I love the canvas that you have above your headboard in your bedroom, that is absolutely divine!! I'm feeling inspired and I think I may need to do some sewing this weekend now!! :) Hazel

  6. I adore these vintage style bed linens. I am living in Sweden at the moment and go to Loppis*second hand shops and markets all the time to look for embroided linens. they are soo very beautiful and the work in some of them! Now I just need to get them home somehow!

  7. Ness they are beautiful fabrics.
    Love the new Euro covers.
    Can't wait to see what you end up doing with the vintage linen - once you have plucked up the courage to cut into it :)

  8. ...delightful!..soothng..if you havetime pop over to seemy wee blog last entry was a chair with a home made pillow cover from an antique piece!...nothing compares to the feel of it!
    Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!

  9. Your vintage-style linens are gorgeous. I love the sponge painted roses.

  10. Wonderful pieces. My level of productivitly seems to go up and down with the heat.

  11. Hi Ness,

    You sure have been creating up a storm!!! What you have created is really beautiful...sorry to hear Mic is sick...I've had sick kids the last week or so, crossing my fingers that everyone now will stay well. Hope Mic is better soon. Love the grey with the white, I think it's one of the 'classic' colour combinations. Have a great day.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  12. Hi Ness:) As always your pillows are GORGEOUS! I love them all:) How wonderful that they are for your own home, for a change!! ENJOY. Hope you have a fabulous Friday. Hugs ~ Txx

  13. Absolutely stunning, Ness!
    I am constantly wowed by your brilliance, you do so many things sooooo well!


  14. hello,

    you have very very lovly pillows.

    greatings send you Conny

  15. Love your cushions Ness, they look gorgeous. The printed fabric looks great - is that an easy thing to do?
    Keep up the creativity.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  16. All your fabrics are gorgeous...and I'm so lovin' the white a gray print floral.


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