Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Let's get back on track here.
Some beautiful, restful spaces. I have culled back a bit in our bedroom and have been looking at new, green ways to bring life into our room and I have always loved how the Swedish/Scandinavian homes have a topiary or an Ivy plant (like this one above, trained on a wire form) around in abundance. I have a little one, which is on my kitchen mantle (see yesterdays post) and one in a pressed tin box which has just about died! Maybe it is time for me to hit the nursery and get some Ivy. This shot is magnificent!
This image is just lovely too, but it is the cable knit throw on the end of the bed which I saved this image for. The grey one I bought last year, although lovely, just doesn't seem to hold my heart anymore and I have always wanted a cable knit throw, like the ones you see in Country Road Home...just don't like the price tag!
The monogrammed linens on this bed are perfect...and something else on my list.
By the way - thank you all. You know why ;0)
Ness xx


  1. Both rooms are gorgeous - I particularly love the wooden walls and ceiling in the first photo. I love topiaries and trained ivy too however I do not have green fingers so I end up with dried plant arrangements instead - I try to find good fakes these days!

  2. That's more like it Ness, focus on the beautiful and let the other stuff take care of itself,
    X Felicity

  3. Love both these gorgeous pics Ness! I love ivy topiaries and have a few myself as we have an abundance of a few different varieties of Ivy growing into our yard from the heritage listed garden next door. It is so easy to grow and really fast too. I can't wait to see yours when you make one, it will suit your gorgeous home so beautifully:) I also LOVE the knitted throw :) Hugs sweet girl ~ Txx

  4. The first image is stunning Ness, I love those big, chunky rustic beams and wall panelling.. but it's so fresh in white! I love a bit of greenery indoors too, go the ivy!
    Flick :)

  5. If you would like to purchase a topiary did you know you could get them at a topiary nursery at Evandale, Tas. Kerrie

  6. Hi Ness,

    Thatta girl, beautiful pictures and beautiful post!! I love the first image the most and I think it's because of the chunky white wooden walls, scale and proportion obviously and like you love a wreath. I thought this year all going well (!!) I would try my hand at making some to hang on some of the windows in the house at Christmas....we shall see. We are being spoilt, two posts in one night Ness I could get used to this!!! Anyway, all jesting aside I hope you have a terrific day tomorrow. Will see you then.
    Take care my friend
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  7. I've been dreaming about making a knitted throw like that when I finish the 120 granny squares I'm crocheting! Well done for picking up so well after those horribly nasty comments. I have to say that I think those tags of yours are some of the most stylish things around.

  8. What beautiful rooms. I love that blanket at the end of the bed as well. Such loveliness all around.

  9. Hi, I love both of these rooms. But the second is just so lovely, the iron bed, the monogrammed linen and that cable throw - what more could a girl want?

  10. may I come take a nap? This is heavenly bliss and peaceful to the touch!

  11. Hi Ness,
    Just popping over to say hi, it's been a while so I thought I'd come by and say hi. I'm so sorry to hear some anonymous person has come over to visit and bring you down. It is so sad. Why are people so negative??? This blogging thing is meant to be for happy thoughts and well intended people. I hope you can skip that beat and move on, your clay tags are just beautiful. So are those images in this post. I see why you gravitated to the picture with the beautiful cable knit blanket. My eye went right to it to. It's so scrumptious. I hope one can find its way into your home one day...sooner than later.
    Keep smiling and doing beautiful blog posts.
    I hope you are enjoying your day and I hope to see you again soon.

  12. Ness, I have always loved that last pic... Definitely in my inspiration book.



  13. I am so inspired by your blog and reading it always brings a smile - thank you so much for that! These photos are so gorgeous, I love the first image with the beams and white walls.

  14. Gorgeous photos, both so inspirational in their own way

  15. I want to jump into the first bed and snuggle up with that pile of magazines, but the second room is also wonderful (love the texture on the throw rug) aaahhh wouldn't it be lovely. Ness, that nasty piece of work that commented annonymously is just that. A nasty coward. Dont give it another thought. xx

  16. Gorgeous photoes Ness would love to jump in the first bed!! Love the throw too my mum was great at doing cable knitting!! She did some lovely baby blankets for me which i have kept & will pass down to my childrens children in time!! :)

  17. Dearest Ness
    Been a bit busy on top of the world in Cape Town with crazy beautiful world cup soccer - so just seen your recent posts. I just want to say to the person who sent you something mean. That the creative spirit which you have can never be challenged or questioned ... it is true and honest and pure ..... you share your talents with all of us around the world and that blogging is about sharing and giving to one another. xxxx sherie shackleton

  18. Hi Ness,

    Love the pictures and bedrooms- just gorgeous! Loving your blog too!!! Thanks. Emma.


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