Tuesday, August 10, 2010

back and inspired...

Missed you all =0)
Hi, I have sort of returned ;0)
I just thought I would touch base and say hi and thank you to all of the supportive emails and comments everyone left for me...thanks!
I am still super busy as the Miners Cottage gets done as well as a host of other things. Inspiration has been plenty and I have really enjoyed just playing about with new designs etc for the store as well as working on the Christmas range for this year.

Marley & Lockyer

Here is a sample of some new tags I have just added to the store and if you head there you will see some of the new Christmas range as well. Posting will be here and there for the next few weeks while I get my projects done, but I know you all understand.

You're the best!!

Ness xx


  1. Hey Busy Bee,
    The new items are gorgeous.
    What I love about your tags is that they are multi-purpose... I think we will start a Christmas tradition in our family with the 'Believe' tags... each person will receive one from us and after they have unwrapped their pressie I will record what they most sincerely believe with the date on the back of the tag. At the end of the gift-giving I will gather them all up for next year and do the same.
    x Felicity

  2. hi ness... we are all here... and i am finding that i am missing you and others as i tred water... life is so busy... but we are all here for one another... as time permits... hope you are doing ok... xx pam

  3. I love your new super gorgeous tags!

  4. It nice to have you backe! Love the new tags! I too am itching for the holidays! I love Fall! So glad your back sort of! Have a wonderful day! ~~Lulu

  5. It is so very pretty here- you have a wonderful blog and etsy shop.

  6. Hey there, darling Ness!
    I've missed seeing you over there on my blog roll this past week, but we all need a little time away to re-charge the creative juices.

    Your news tags are just terrific!

    Hugs to you,

  7. Hey Ness great to see you back!! Missed you.
    Hope we get to see some pics. of how the Miners Cottage is going. Sounds such fun
    Love the new banner

  8. Welcome back Ness! I really missed
    your posts and your inspiration!

    Love the new tags!

    Flora Doora

  9. Hi - welcome!!!! :-))

    I missed you and your posts! I'm not sure, but you have a new header, or? Wonderful!

    The old telephone is great - I like it!

    Have a beautiful day and hugs


  10. Hi Ness,

    Thought I would just drop in and you have posted. Lucky us!!! I must say I have missed your posts, but totally understand you needed the break. I have just visited your store and you have been busy! Love ALL your tags, they look wonderful, well done...better go as I still haven't washed up!
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  11. It is a new header, temporary though. I even changed the background to white...fresh start.
    Ness xx

  12. Hi Ness
    Welcome back.
    Looking forward to se all your new products in the future.

    Love this picture:-)


    Love Elisabeth

  13. Your tags looks so beautiful!
    Have a nice day,

  14. ...Happy to see your new header & love the tags!...

  15. SO glad your back, even for just a little while! Always good to see you!

  16. So Glad that you Touched Base with Us...Love your New Tags & Looking forward to your Xmas line...
    Take Care.

  17. So nice to have you back! Although I'm only new to your blog, I have missed you and it! Glad to hear that all is going well for you - love your new tags xx

  18. Hi Ness, we will be here when you get back I have felt the same way lately - so much to do in the summer besides blog. Trying to exercise and read and actually replace some light fixtures and get some stuff DONE.

    So take a break until you are refuelled. See you then! xo Terri

  19. Oh welcome back Ness. Glad you are refreshed and feeling all creative. Love your little tags! A-M xx

  20. Hi!

    Really nice blog, i like it!
    I´m happy to find you!

  21. Hi Ness I was wondering where you were, glad you have been inspired love the new banner the cushions look really cosy!! :))

  22. they look beautiful!! big hug & so glad to see you back!!


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