Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A bare all decision...

I am facing a decision here. Our wicker blind in the kitchen broke - again!
It has been happening alot of late and I am getting to the point where I just don't want to fix it anymore.
Here is where the decision comes in.
Do I....
spied at Willow Decor
...just take them off and have a bare window??
The only problem I have with a bare window is that in the Summer (which isn't to far away here in Australia)the sun is blinding until about midday.
I do love bare kitchen windows.
Like this one. Our outlook from the window is over the driveway and our 'paddock', not very exciting. I am thinking of just leaving the white side up, which I can still pull over for privacy in the evening and for the sun.

coastal style living
I have always loved wicker blinds and was so happy to finally have them up in our home, but I find that with the very strong Aussie sun that the cords get really brittle...hence the breakage!
So, do you see my dilemma?

here is the kitchen with the blinds up and the white side drapes.
Do I just take them off and 'bare all' or do I persevere and fix the cord AGAIN?
What do you think?
Ness xx


  1. I LOVE BARE WINDOWS!! Although I absolutely agree that it does make it very difficult in the summer! The glare, the heat!

    In my ideal kitchen I would have plantation shutters but they are just so expensive! We have roller blinds at the moment which work on a cog system and they are really good, I wonder if you could find similar in a wicker blind??

    :) Hazel

  2. Dear Ness!

    I think the kitchen looks bigger and brighter without the blinds. I know the problem with dazzling sun, but I also love the light. An alternative would be white window flaps with lamellar. From the inside and narrow with a central hinges.

    Have a beautiful day and thank you so much for your E-Mail ;)


  3. I think I'd be replacing the cord AGAIN!! I love the way the sun light comes through the wicker blinds.

  4. FElicitaciones por tu blog !! besos

  5. Hi Ness, I think you need to fix that cord just one more time.... ;-)

  6. Well Ness looking at the kitchen shot looking towards your window i think i would put up a roman fabric blind in a black and cream ticking. It would tie in the black sign above your window your clock and your chanderlier above the kitchen table. Maybe if you made one you could use a thicker cord so that it doesnt perish so easily. I dont know if this idea suits but i think it would look great. Manda x

  7. Ness,
    What about a simple roller shade that you can either stencil or add one of your pretty fabrics as a border to the bottom? Oh, and one of your great round gift tags for the pull cord!!!

  8. Hi Ness:
    I love the examples you shared with no treatment at all, but I can see where you'd need to consider the practicality of blocking your intense sun. Perhaps blinds for your summer and "naked" when your weather cools down again?
    Thanks for the photos! Lots of inspiration.

  9. Hi Ness, I think get rid of it .. it would send me bonkers if it kept breaking anyway. Even though I have venetians in my entire house I opted for a simple white roller blind with a straight edge for my kitchen window. When pulled up it's like it isn't there anyway.
    take care, Maryann

  10. I have to say, while I do love the "bare kitchen window" look those blinds are so pretty. I vote for blinds :0)

  11. Hi Ness,

    Okay, not sure if I'll be any help at all. Firstly, I would try and pull the white curtains across during the day, don't touch the blind and do that for a few days and see what you think....you'll either be okay with it or it could be too dark and you may feel like seeing the light. I don't think I have ever noticed the white drapes. For me personally, before we put in the new kitchen and when we first painted through, the old kitchen received a mini-makeover and I went for an indian cotton raspberry/white butchers stripe and LOVED the fabric. I did specifically ask the lady that made them for me to make them so I could wash them but she didn't and so after 10 years or so, even though I loved the fabric I took them down and now that the kitchen is done (Antique White USA) I have a bare window and vowed not to have another blind at the window as I just couldn't keep it clean. My window is probably 3 widths of yours, so is quite large and I don't miss the blind. I'll be interested knowing how you go and eventually what you do decide to do. Hope this advice helps and sorry for being a little long-winded!!!
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  12. Hi Ness
    I have bamboo blinds from freedom and love them, but we have bullnose verandahs, so the heat isnt an issue. I love them bare, but also love a gorgeous fabric roman blind. You can also get the day/night ones to go with what the day is. Look forward to seeing what you decide.
    Rebecca x

  13. I love visiting your blog and your kitchen is beautiful!

    I love the wicker blinds too, but would opt to be rid of the fuss of fixing the cord again. The drapes are pretty on their own and add that soft touch, and you could still pull them closed to block too much light.

    Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

    @ faridesigns.blogspot.com

  14. Ness, I love the way the blinds
    look! Do you ever lower them? Do
    you really need the cord? If so,
    and you are tired of repairing it,
    the plain window would look pretty
    too! We have the same problem with
    the sun here!

    Flora Doora

  15. Hi Ness, thats such a shame that the cord keeps breaking; how annoying. Could you possibly swap the cord for another kind of rope? or wrap the cord with something to protect it? It looks so lovely in your kitchen, it would be a shame to have to lose it.
    Laura currie,

  16. You know what Ness....

    I'm not loving the look of the wicker blind as the sun shines through it like a skirt with out a slip! My suggestion, would be to get a white roman blind and have that with a good lined backing! Your kitchen seems so airy and fresh with everything else.I like the white side panels as well, but the sun would be annoying if it's that blinding to me....what do you think????
    Just my opinion


  17. Hi Ness! That happened to us, only with our cellular shades (which I am happy to get rid of) for our large family room window. I put up an iron rod behind our other rod that holds the stationary drapes and made sheers that I could close by hand. Love it. It lets in lots of diffused light, and no more chords!


  18. I say get rid of those frustrating blinds, but leave the white side drapes up. Like you said, the drapes would be perfect for some privacy and protection from the sun when needed.

    Good luck! xo

  19. In your diWhite dining post, the 2nd photo has cute white curtains. I see you also have a white panel in your kitchen window. You could roll it up and tie it to make your own. Could be cute too.

  20. I have a pretty fabric valance in my kitchen and underneath is a ugly roller shade that you can't see. We have the same problem, the sun for about an hour during summer. I bring it down while I'm cooking and then bring it back up after dinner....just an option :)

  21. I don't have any blinds in my kitchen and LOVE it that way, it just feels right..BUT..

    You have to be practical too.. You live there and if the sun is blinding, then how fun is it going to be to be in there? Also, do you have furniture or items that need to be protected from the sun from fading?

    I know, I have been no help... sorry.

  22. Hi Ness,
    I love the bare window look- but I know what you mean about the sun being too strong too...I would close the white side curtains as needed and leave the blinds off. :)

  23. I think take them down. We have white wood blinds and I hate how the cords break and strings get all crooked from pulling up and down. But they do block the sun's heat well.

  24. Oh, I'm first. I would leave them bare and just have the lovely curtains to pull across when I need the privacy or relief from the sun. Have you considered the wide, white, wooden venetian blinds? I'm sure you have, anyway your kitchen is lovely, so whatever you do will be nice, I'm sure.
    Hugs, Cindy S

  25. Ness - I like the look of your wicker blind and it's nice to be able to pull it down a bit when the sun is really beating in. I'd give it one more try of fixing the cord!

  26. Leave them off and see how that works for you for awhile. My windows are bare and at time I wish I had something for privacy but my husband has a strong opinion and he does not want anything on the windows so that is the way it is for now. :)

  27. I love the look of wicker blinds and your window does look pretty. Why not leave off the blinds but keep your white curtain so you can pull it over when the sun is at its strongest and then open them wide for the rest of the day for a 'bare' window? or have you tried a roller blind that will roll up out of the way but can be pulled down part way only when needed? If you don't have nosey neighbours I would leave them off :)

  28. Ness, you probably need a little something otherwise you are going to be blinded in summer with the sunshine bouncing off the sink. What about considering something outside the window like a small roof? It looks like the kitchen is at the front of the house so maybe that won't look any good. Don't make do though. Find something you love...

  29. Easy peasy! I have a kitchen window with a white slimline aluminium venitan blind that is only ever let down at night for complete privacy. During the day, it is all the way up! so I have the look of NO blind or curtain to spoil the view and light. It can also be left down and the slats slightly opened for light and privacy. I have also removed the flyscreen to leave the view completely open...so much so, that the birds sometimes fly into the kitchen. If you want to click on these postings, there are photos of my window and visiting birds.


    Hope your day is superb.

  30. hi Ness - Your blog looks great you have changed it!? Love the header.

    I see your problem. Your view actually sounds lovely but you can't stand at the sink with sun shining in your eyes. I wonder if you spray painted the wicker blind with white paint it would not get as brittle in the sun because it would be protected? Worth a try at least, because I think you need something there. xoxo

  31. Thank you all for your comments. I am tossing up between making a white roman blind or just taking the wicker blind down. I will show you all what I pick.
    Thanks again,
    Ness xx

  32. Hi Ness, It's lovely to let the sun in during winter, but living in Queensland, the heat becomes unbearable and the aircon struggles if i don't close the blinds. I use white plantation shutters which gives you the option to have the light filter by adjusting the angle.

  33. Really good plantation shutters....but how much it cost?

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