Thursday, August 19, 2010

Perfect Warmth...

Hi everyone!
As much as I yearn for the sweet smells of Spring, I will miss lighting the fire and most of you will know how much I love a real wood fire. The whole process of lighting some sticks and watching the flames build before shoving a big log in to warm our Family, dry our clothes and cook our stew makes me smile.
So, I looked through my files and Googled fires and voila!
Perfect Winter warmth.
Having a fire was high on my list of 'must haves' when we bought our home and we were lucky to get 5 of them =0)
Here is our fire right before adding a another log. You may remember this shot as I didn't try to get the clothes airer out of the way or take down my tea towel which was drying. This how our everyday life looks and I just love it.
This fireplace is the most favourite in our home. It is way taller than me, wide, puts out tremendous heat (has even melted the candles in our candelabra!!) and cooks a great stew. Our Family seems to be drawn to this fire as our dining table is in front of it as well as the centre island from the kitchen. So while I cook, the boys draw and play games and it is so warming to see the Family like this. I love this feeling.
New England Homes
This one is beautiful and makes a wonderful focal point for the room.

The fireplaces in Tricia's Long Island home were the inspiration behind the makeover of all of the fireplaces in our home. They are perfectly simple and stunning.
from google
Although not lit, I couldn't not put this one in. The room is gorgeous, sunny, wing back chairs...

from google
Once our Spring arrives here in Australia and the fires go out for the year, our fires will be filled with urns of blossom branches, greenery and in the Summer, Hydrangeas like here.
Then I will view our gorgeous fireplaces as display pieces
...looking forward to that.
Ness xx


  1. Hi Ness, I love an open fire place. I tried to put in a fire place this winter but it seems to be taking so long that I now think I will leave it until next year. I love the look of the hydrangeas as a display for spring/summer.

  2. Love all the mantel inspiration. Just beautiful!

  3. Hi Ness,
    I agree there is nothing better than a warm fire in the fireplace.
    I love yours, very pretty.


  4. Lovely photos.. Lovely mantles.. Soon it will be time for using fireplaces in our area... Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh I LOVE a fireplace!! Our new home has a chimney but no fireplace. There is something so amazing about sitting down in front of a fire though

  6. I have a double sided fireplace, one side is the living room and the other side is the kitchen. I need to find a mantle for the living room side as the previous owners took it off the wall with them when they left... which is strange, don't you think? Your post may help me kick into gear to find out soon!! I hope.

  7. I too love fireplaces but it doesn't get cold enough in Houston for us to use them for longer than a two month period or so.

    Lovely inspiration images!

  8. In the winter our fire burns all day. I love pulling one of our gateleg tables right up to it and serving my son is after school snack in front on the fire. On snow days, I'll take all our pillows, a couple quilts and a big stack of books and sit for hours with both my children reading in front of the fire. With our current blazing hot weather the thought of a roaring fire seems so far away. :)

  9. I think Winter is my favourite just for the cosy factor. No fire here but must be wonderful!!

  10. you have me getting excited for a new season!

  11. You have a lovely blog which I visit often, I am a big fan of open fires and think every house should have one. Thank you for the lovely pictures. Have a great weekend. Sally-Ann

  12. Oh, how I envy your gorgeous fireplaces! The one in your kitchen especially! I bet the stew tastes extra fabulous when cooked on that stove!

  13. Just simply beautiful! I love the white mantles.They add so much to a room and the mood! I have a really pretty one in my bedroom my hubby made and I can't wait to get it in place and decorate around it! We brought it from our old house!


  14. Hi Ness, love your fire. Great that it is not just an open fire and you can also do a stew on top.
    Hurry up Spring, we really need some warmth coming in real soon.

  15. Love your fireplaces! also appreciate your photo with family life as it is, with the tea towel and all. We were blessed to have 4 fireplaces in our home, but they have all been converted to gas logs due to the condition of the chimneys. I love the real wood burning, the crackle of the fire, the smell of the wood, and miss cooking on the stove top. Thank for sharing and bringing up memories!

  16. Excuse my bad English, I wanted to congratulate you for your wonderful blog. Pictures of these fireplaces are wonderful.A hug Gilda


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