Friday, October 8, 2010

Wherever You Are....

A Spring setting and an Autumn (or fall) setting. Both beautiful and both I could be seen in.
I hope where ever you are this weekend you are happy.
See you Monday =0)
Ness xx


  1. So pretty, and don't you just love the simple flower arrangement on the table...beautiful - Happy weekend!!

  2. Beautiful Pics!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Sorry about your Etsy thing...
    Tammy :-)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Ness! I hate that stuff too....Your readers will be faithful and only buy yours!!!


  4. Such a gorgeous post Ness! Happy weekend to you friend!

  5. What gorgeous pictures!! I am so ready for fall... the colors, the smells, the cooler weather. Ahhhh...

    Oh, and sweetie, have you added your country info to LOCACTION CENTRAL yet? It's the site where you see who else is blogging in your area.

  6. so pretty - love the big basket of wood with that white chair and cushion :)
    I'm sad about the Etsy thing too...

  7. NESS...The pics are beautiful! About the Imposter, DO NOT WORRY! They can never be you! Your things are too beautiful to copy! Have a Blessed weekend!

  8. Lovely photos, Ness. So sorry about the Etsy thing. I love your clay tags! Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. love the pics Ness you always have such beautiful images. Hmmm thae Etsy thing is more than a little cheeky...very sad I think!!! have a lovely weekend Kym X

  10. Gorgeous pics Ness, I would love to be sitting in either picture!! Good on you for speaking out about the Etsy seller issue! I think it is nice for people to be inspired by the things you do, but a very different thing to blatantly copy them and then sell them - yikes! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Txx

  11. Hi Ness!
    Wow, I would love to have a setting like that in my home. Love the grain sack fabric on the chairs.

    We all know your art and I'm sure the other persons cannot compare.


  12. Simply but lovely pics. Don't worry copying is supposed to be the highest form of flattery!

  13. Hi Ness,

    Hope you're having a great weekend. Isn't the weather wonderful. I have read the above comments and think like everyone else....and I've actually had a look at Etsy. If I was going to buy tags I would buy yours hands down, they are all beautiful and so well made. Look at it positively Ness and think it's the best form of flattery!
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  14. Dear Ness
    today you are in Italy!
    I posted your interview on my blog
    {and I would be happy to know what you think...}
    Have a nice day


  15. I hate it when people copy like that in the business world. Have they no creative ideas of their own instead? Keep on with yours cos they are all so lovely. Fiona

  16. What a beautiful blog. So happy to have happened upon it. Look forward to returning.

  17. What an absolutely stunning blog you have.

    I am so glad that I stumbled upon it.


  18. Great setting dear Ness.

    And really like Moerks said - it's flattery really ... you will always be the orginal and the best :) Besides being angry will make you get crows feet - a girl does not need those - be happy :) le

  19. Thanks for the support girls. I have since found out who the seller was and she has been in contact with me (I was alerted by an annon email, which I found out was someone very near to me according to the IP address) and I have emailed her as well. The seller is someone who I admire and I do not want this to affect her shop so I have removed the little bit from the bottom of the post so this doesnt go any further. She has had people copy her before so understands my initial reaction. ...but I have gotten over it and time to move on.
    Ness xx

  20. Lovely. I'm thinking the fireplace with that comfy seat is what I'd pick!
    Lila Ferraro


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