Monday, November 15, 2010

40 days!

country living
Did you know there is 40 days to go until Christmas day?
Well there is, I just counted, and not to scare you into making the dreaded dash to the store to get the last Buzz Lightyear from the shelf is just a reminder to myself that I have only 15 days to go until I can put the tree up.
This also means I have the same amount of time to squeeze in making the clay decorations for this years tree amongst pumping out huge amounts of shop and wholesale orders too.
I am so, SO busy right now...which makes me very happy.
Spending my days covered in clay and paint, oh and thread has never been better!!

A new addition to The Store. These lovelies will be on our tree this year as well as loads more....if I ever get to making them that is.

I did want to thank you all for participating in my giveaway last week and wanted to say that I still need a little break from blogland (while I pretend I have four more Nessa's beside me pumping out tags while we all sing along to Bing Crosby and the gang) as I still need to keep up with these orders that are rolling in thick and fast. Time is precious right now.

...SO, there is going to be ANOTHER giveaway real soon.

My way of saying "you guys rock"

Ness xx


  1. You go girl! Love your new clay tags. ;-)

  2. Good on you lovely...Im sure all your customers appreciate all the time and effort and love you put into your little creations x

  3. Your clay tags are unique and beautiful.


  4. Dear Ness,

    I know! Many ask me why I am already active. My answer: just 6 weeks pass very quickly ;)



  5. The anticipation is perhaps the most fun part! Please don't extend your break from blogland too long. Enjoy the holiday season :)

  6. gorgeous tags!I love the tie-on idea!
    I am excited about the holidays this year too!
    I can't wait to see how you do up the season at your house!

  7. Your clay tags are gorgeous.


  8. Hi Ness-
    I can only imagine how busy you must be! I love your tags, they are just gorgeous! I still have two of mine strung around my lamp in the family room that you gave me. Puts a big smile on my face :)
    Hopefully you have some time to rest inbetween all your hard work! Love

  9. Your tags are just so pretty! But now I'm in a panic - 40 more days???? Ack!


  10. Love the tags....and love Christmas....but only 40 days...gotta get cracking! All the best,Chrissy

  11. That means 40 days with grumpy 'I hate Christmas' MOTH!! He's not talking to me this morning as I put the Chrissie decs up yesterday!! Hope your orders continue to flood in dear Ness.
    Millie ^_^

  12. Oh no Ness, christmas can't be that close. I just don't have time to fit it in. Hope I don't have to knock anyone to the ground to get that last Buzz Lightyear.
    Love your tags.

  13. I cant wait either. Im starting with decorations with my class and planning our Xmas party.Ive also posted one with my ideas for this Xmas.Its exciting!

  14. Oh, Ness. Your new stock is just gorgeous! If only I hadn't already put my tree up and gone for a nautical theme... yes, I've bucked tradition and put it up early - just couldn't wait!
    Go on, break the rules. early fairy lights are just the best xx

  15. Your tags are gorgeous Ness, you have inspired me so much I am having a go at making some of my own this year! I hope you have some very productive days and get through all of your orders and still have time to relax. xx

  16. Girl, I love those sweet little tags!

    You are one busy little elf right now, don't wear yourself out! :-)


  17. Hi Ness,

    Those tags are beautiful! Enjoy your time making them.

    Emma xx

  18. As busy as christmas is it is such an exciting time! I can picture you in the North Pole (sorry Tasmania) preparing orders! Just love your new tags, they are gorgeous!

  19. They are so simple and yet elegant. What a beautiful addition to a gift. They would also be great to use as labels on cannisters for my pantry.


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