Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Whine...and Giveaway tease!

Gotta love a long weekend right?
Normally I would say yes, but this weekend I have nee buried in fabrics and clay pumping out Christmas orders and orders for the shop.
We did however manage to fit in a family meal for 9 of us here at home and a BBQ today so all wasn't lost to work.
These images have been in 'the file' for ages and have me wanting to get outside and pretty up our entertaining areas, but it will have to wait a little longer.
So I will have to be satisfied with looking for now!

On another note, yesterday was Halloween as you are all aware. Not a big issue in our home and we don't do anything to celebrate this.

There was something HUGE on Halloween that happens EVERY year that we do celebrate though and this year was even Dear Dads 70th Birthday!!!!

My Dad means the world to me and I was sad to not have been with him and my family on the mainland celebrating this and had to be happy with a phone call with him. It was so lovely to hear the rest of the family gathered in the background all enjoying my Dad's special day.

My Dad is such a wonderful Man and if our boys could grow to be half the man he is I would be so proud and you dearly Dad and cant wait to see you soon!
So, even though I was very busy with the Shop. I did have a lovely weekend.

Phew! Now I need a sit down I think to do something just for me =0) ...and something for all of you.....GIVEAWAY IS COMING!!!!
Isn't this room the perfect colour palette? I adore the sofa.
See you soon to announce the giveaway =0)
Ness xx
all images are from my usb, but I think most of them were Australian Home Beautiful.
except for our Wedding shots of course!


  1. Gorgeous pictures of outdoor verandah and living and of course your wedding pictures with your Dad!

  2. b e a u t i f u l !!!

  3. I really like that image of under the veranda. I'd love to do up our outside space just like this when our children are a little bigger and it's not clogged up with tricycles!!

  4. I'm glad you found some fun time in the midst of working! I love that color palette too. I'm trying to use a similar palette (although more formal) in my dining room. It's hard to stay on track...

    Happy birthday to your Dad who sounds like a wonderful man!

  5. Sounds like you had a nice weekend Ness. Can't wait to hear about the giveaway. Have a lovely day!

  6. Very beautiful images, as usual! ...and Happy birthday to your Dad!
    I will be certainly to hear about your giveaway!

  7. Hi Ness,
    I love that picture with the hanging egg chair, thanks for sharing! And congrats with your dad!
    Maureen x

  8. Dear Ness! Wonderful photos again. Don't be sad - I have worked also all weekend. Thank you for sharing your pics.



  9. awe happy belated birthday to your dad! :)

    p.s. love the last photo

  10. Ness, lovely pics, the colours are lovely.
    It is nice to see some natural timber. It looks great with the white. I am glad you have been busy with Christmas orders.
    Happy Birthday to your Dad.

  11. hello darling Ness - got my tags today ... ever so lovely - thanks v much - love your wedding pics - just divine - best le

  12. YAY Ness! Happy Birthday to your daddy! Im not big on Halloween either!!!

    Be sure and stop by for last day of GIVEAWAY!!!

    *Enter Camille Beckman Luxury Give-Away Here*


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