Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wish I was.....!
The New General Store which is the seasonal pop up store by the amazingly talented Tricia Foley is on again!! Tricia emailed me to let me know it was on again so I thought I would remind you all too =0)
I am a little disappointed that I cant attend so I will have to enjoy the images that Tricia always loads up to the site once it is done with.
The following images are of the Summer event which looked gorgeous.
The Christmas event will have loads of festive gifts and produce and gorgeous home wares and local produce. I do love the wreaths that Tricia seems to get each year.

...and I am loving this big market tote with the shop logo on the front.
So, if you are in the Long Island region you should visit this superb market
...and think of me =0)
Head over to The New General Store to find out when and where it is.
Ness xx


  1. Hi Ness, The New General Store looks absolutley amazing!

  2. Thanks Ness for upsetting me this morning...I would just love to be there (at the new general store)...must have some of those bowl/sieves in white they are gorgeous and the small round wooden boards...anything really so my purchases can be gift wrapped beautifully in brown paper and string and carried home in the cute tote....really thanks!

  3. Thank you... I didn't know The New General Store... I love it!

  4. Gorgeous...pity it is so FAR away :( Hope you are having a wonderful week gorgeous girl. Huge hugs ~ Txx

  5. Hi Ness, this looks like a lovely store. Hope you have a good weekend! Emma. xx

  6. I wish I was there too!
    Happy weekend, Ness...

  7. oh to work in ushc a beautiful style !
    makes you realise how much i'd need to polish up my daggy market stall :)


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