Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well, Christmas has been and gone.
We had a lovely few days even though I had some sort of stomach virus, but it was still good. The boys got a few surprises from Santa like this trampoline and other huge presents and I got a new DSLR camera off Mic, so as you can imagine I have been snapping like crazy trying to get the gist of it!
Here is a little look at the start of the table setting for Christmas dinner. A vintage cut work linen tablecloth, white place mats, pale check napkins, silverware and a hurricane lamp mixed among pine and little white lights (which weren't on in this shot) which have little white pearl beads on wires that you can fix anyway you like.

I never did get a shot of the end result, this is where the photos of the table end. I kept it simple which made the day much more enjoyable.
I hope you all had a wonderful celebration with your families...we did.
Ness xx


  1. My brain gets so confused looking at these pics where you have a green lawn - while we have TONS of snow here in my country right now! :-D

  2. That trampoline looks like a lot of fun. And your table must have been lovely. Love the tablecloth. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely christmas Ness, shame about the stomach virus (there's a lot of bugs going around here too). Your christmas table looks like it would have been beautiful, love the tablecloth.

  4. mery days Ness - are tramps great for kids - we have one for our boys too and the love it !! a santa present from three years back - have a wonderfull 2011 dear one - le xo

  5. Oh enjoy your camera! Glad you are having fun we are all going stir crazy with this rain but happy & dry so cannot complain. :)

  6. Beautiful simplicity...
    Just love everyting about this blog!


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