Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finally, tree lights...and some decorating at our place.

I played about with the camera settings on our old point-and-shoot and sussed out something called ISO which seemed to make capturing the tree lights a little better. It is still not up to the standard of some of the shots I see on your blogs, but hey...it'll do for me =0)
So, here is some of our Christmas decorating...
The tree, with a hint if fairy lights (at least you can make them out now). I mainly stuck with silver, gold and white with a little linen here and there.

Today has been so bleak and dreary that Mason and I hung out and watched a movie which is why the blind is down a little. It's not usually there.
I really do love this years tree =0)

...and these crocheted snowflakes I purchased from Imagination In Flight, which is a store on Made It! I think they are beautiful.
I also picked up these cute little crocheted hearts from Killiecrankie Farm
I got to meet the lovely Lee who is behind the gorgeous Christmas trees and these decorations while browsing the local craft market at Clarence Point recently and couldn't resist these - thanks Lee! The other white decorations are my clay Doves and some little clay hearts I made up.
This is what you are greeted with when you enter our home. Simple but lovely. I plan to add a bowl of silvery baubles to the mix when I get another moment. The pine was picked by the boys and I and tied with white ribbon...it smells divine! We put it everywhere.
At the other end of the hall is this little candle lit display. I tied the wreath with some vintage crocheted ribbon and brought out some of my favourite candles to gather here, as well as the Nutcracker toy solider Mum gave me a few years back.

I thought it looked bare without the Nutcracker.
Our trusty old Santa came out. The boys love this and always want to see what in the sack or under his coat!! =0)
Some pine wreaths with an organza ribbon look lovely on our French doors beside the tree.
Another new addition to our decorating this year is this cute little Scandi style Deer I picked up at Cocoon. It comes as a flat packed piece so you can mail it...should have bought some more.

I have kept the Kitchen mantel fairly simple this year. Pine branches mixed with white lights, some candles and those gorgeous French Iron candlesticks. I still have to hang the stockings yet because I changed my mind after seeing the pic I posted about a few posts back, so I have to make some more now.
I like it lit at night with the fairy lights on.
So, there you have it. A little sneak peak at this years decorating. There is more, but I was just happy to have been able to capture the tree lights, however slight =0)
Ness xx


  1. Dear Ness,
    Your Christmas decorations look perfect and I'm sure that your boys are getting really excited. I have a new camera that has all the bells and whistles but, my point and shoot camera takes some brilliant photographs. erhaps when I learn how to use the Panasonic, I will get some even better ones.
    Sorry that I've been AWOL....I've had viruses on my computer and found it hard to comment on some blogs.
    Enjoy your Christmas preparations. XXXX

  2. Hi Ness,
    Your home looks so pretty and festive. I love your beautiful tree and all of its adornments.

    Everything in your home is ready for the holidays.


  3. Ness, our little hearts couldn't have gone to a more beautifully decorated tree !
    Your christmas home is a true delight, and your styling immaculate as always.
    Lovely to see my handmades in their new homes - such a treat :)

  4. Beautiful Ness....your home looks enchanting...as always, xv.

  5. Ness...Absolute perfection...all of it!! Simple and oh so beautiful! Hugs, Lovely ~ Tina xx

  6. looking just gorgeous for christmas. I love the red deer! xx Melissa

  7. I love the white knit hearts with the little blue buttons in your tree!

  8. Gorgeous decorating. Elegant but not to much. Your tree and mantle decorating is fabulous. And I really love the nutcracker.
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. Your Christmas decorations are wonderful... Have a nice day!

  10. So peaceful, elegant and beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love it all! Your kitchen mantle is so pretty! Love it lit at night. I have been looking for a beautiful frame like that!


  12. Lovely decorations!Very elegant and classy!

  13. It all looks beautiful Ness! I love all of your wreaths and greens.
    Happy holidays to you.

  14. Everything is beautiful! I love the white frame on your mantel.
    Happy Holidays,

  15. A beautiful and welcoming festive home Ness. Your tree is gorgeous and I love the displays around the house.
    Rebecca x

  16. I love the simplicity of your Christmas decor ~ very pretty! I need to go out and get some pine and tie ribbons around it and lay it out for the scent! Great reminder ~ thanks!

  17. Everything is so beautiful, Ness. The fairy lights are so pretty as well as all of your wonderful ornaments and decorations. I love the touches of pine tied with ribbons around your house. Just lovely!

  18. It all looks lovely Ness, particularly I love the kitchen mantel - just beautiful and the frnch doors of course :) best le

  19. Hi Ness, Your christmas decorating is gorgeous. I especially love your mantlepiece with the fairy lights lit up at night. Just stunning!!! Leahxx
    P.S Love your camping story. It made me laugh, sounds a lot like our adventures.

  20. It's all very beautiful Ness. Lovely little Christmas touches everywhere you look. ;-)

  21. You have done so well. Ive been so busy mine is still not done and I cant wait for it to be done. My colour scheme will be similar. Fiona

  22. Very pretty Christmas decor. Love your white candles and deer. Know what you mean about capturing the lights. As soon as I get home from my trip, I am going to tackle my decorations too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. So beautiful and elegant, well done!

  24. Everything looks so beautiful! I love the crocheted ornaments and little wreaths in windows and frames are always my favourite. The mantel looks so pretty all lit up. :)

  25. Hi Ness,

    Your decorating is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I especially love the red reindeer, the wreaths on the french doors and your mantle in your kitchen.

    Fairy lights add that little bit of magic, don't ya think??!!!!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  26. Sorry Ness, despite your stunning tree I could not take my eyes off your gorgeous French Doors and the expansive garhen beyond (He he!). Lucky you!
    X Briohny.

  27. Tree looks great. I am going for the silver and white this year and love it. The snowflakes and hearts are adorable.

  28. Hi Ness, boy you are one up on me...havent got my tree up yet. I get home and i am too tired to well do anything. Things are a little crazy; i wish i could have escaped the madness and joined you guys on the couch for the movie. Bring on the holidays....

  29. I love your nutcracker soldier and red reindeer! Absolutely gorgeous! xx

  30. Oh Ness it is looking beautiful at your house. Don't you just love Christmas (except without the floods). Have a lovely time with your family.


  31. Honestly, your tree is the most beautiful tree I've seen! It is so you! I love the crocheted ornaments!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family Ness!



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