Friday, December 17, 2010

Help by the Moon...

Imagine walking out your back door in the morning to a normal day and returning home with something you never thought was on the cards for you that would change you and your families life in so many ways.
This is what Jane from My Pear Tree House is dealing with right now.
cox & cox
I am taking a leaf out of Just Marthas book and will be looking out the window tonight at the moon, the same moon we all live under and sending positive thoughts to Jane and her family.
What a great thing we can all do for each other by being here for each other in times of need.
you only need do this for a few seconds....think positively for someone who needs it...send your strength to them. I am also sending it to the sweet A-M who has been dealing with a personal crisis too.
Lets help each other.
Ness xx


  1. You are so right dear Ness. Your words over at Jane's were just beautiful. I know that as a group we pack a mighty powerful punch. And I know Jane will feel that each step of her recovery.
    Millie xx

  2. Beautifully put, Ness. I'm in the middle of writing a similar post now. I hope each little bit helps her feel supported by us. J x

  3. A beautiful and thoughtful post Ness..I will be sending positive thoughts Jane's way.. Take care Kym X

  4. Positive thoughts going around the

    Flora Doora

  5. What a lovely thought for our blogging friend Jane.
    I know that she will face this head on and will do it with the help of her family and friends.
    I will be watching that moon like a hawk Ness , especially on Monday. XXXX

  6. Beautiful pictures, lovely birds.
    Greetings Anja.

  7. Miss Ness, you have such a beautiful heart. I am sure Jane can feel the love and support surrounding her! A lovely post, sweet friend ~ Txx

  8. I have just read Marthas post, and am very inspired to pass it on. Thank you for the positive thoughts going out to us all to think of others. Off to do a similar post now.
    Rebecca x

  9. Very sweet and thoughtful post, Ness. I will say a prayer for Jane and her family and also A-M.


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