Friday, December 3, 2010

Photo Fiasco and a plea for help!

jeanne d'arc living
Hey there...told you I would be back ;0)
And I am trying to take some shots of our tree with the lights on, but cant seem to get it to work. Its either really dark or the stupid flash comes on (I never use the flash, unless there is no lights about!). So if you have a tip for this, remembering I have NO photo jazzing up software, so it has to be something I can do at the time the pic is being taken...that would be great.
So, I will have to talk you through, borrowing other photos, to give you an idea of what I have done this year.
First up I have used loads of fresh pine, candles and naturals and whites with a little gold and silver.

Also I have been very busy with my brand new range of clay goodies which are not what you are expecting I am sure. I am itching to show you but have to get it just right before I do the Ta Dah thing. The packaging of said new range has had me thinking of this years wrapping theme and I have been collecting ribbons and bits and bobs for this.

Marley & Lockyer

Any left over tags I will be using too I think...not that I think there will be at this rate =0)

country living

Our mantel in the Kitchen is done and I am sorting out the other living rooms mantel, which has been turned into the guest room while Mum and Dad stay with us which I am very excited about. Even the boys' room mantel has been jazzed up by them! My office mantel on the other hand is loaded with the new line...and not much else!

I love this image. And now that I have made up our stockings (which happened some weeks ago before the rush hit and I didn't have time), seeing this photo has made me not want the stockings to, I think I will make up some more so they will suit the person. I like that thought.

Will I have time? This weekend will be hectic for me. Working on the new line again, sewing copious amounts of stockings and cushion/pillows for orders, making lots more clay tags and trying to get my windows washed AND getting ready for next years trading...phew!

So, don't forget if you have a tip for my tree light taking problem I would love to hear from you =0) Ness xx

PS- also, thank you to all who have purchased from my store or via email and for your patience with me and the Postal Service. I really do appreciate you all =0)


  1. Hi Ness,
    When I look at these photos I feel so peaceful and happy. The softness is pleasing to the eye.

    I'm sure your photos will turn out if you keep practicing. Try taking them in the late evening before the sun goes down completely. Or use a free photo editing like Picasa to lighten the photos. It is hard to get pictures like this, but keep trying.


  2. It is tricky, isn't it? Definitely have the flash off and you need the shutter open for longer to allow what light there is to get in.

    I don't know how much control you have over the camera settings but that's the bit you need to adjust.


  3. Hi Ness,
    I've had this a few times - try this (it worked for me) - hold up a lamp close to want you want to photograph so it's lit up a little but not enough to affect the photo too much. That way the flash won't come on but there will be little enough light for you to take nice subdued photos.
    Hope it works for you.

  4. My camera has a setting that disables the flash...have a look and see if yours does this too.
    I wish my Christmas decorating could turn out as white and pale and soft as yours...mine always ends up red and green!

  5. Your pictures look lovely.


  6. Hi Ness,

    The easiest thing to try first would be to go into your camera settings and adjust your "white balance". There may be a dial for this or you may have to go into your menu for it. When you do, there will be different things listed like Incandescent, Flash, Direct Sunlight etc... Change it to the type of lighting that is in the room or set it to Auto. This should help but the best way is to keep the shutter open longer for more light. Generally if you just disable your flash, your camera automatically does this. A tripod or something sturdy is necessary if it's quite dark because any bit of shaking or movement will blur in the photo. But yeah, just play around with it.

  7. Hi Ness,
    I use Picnik from google! You can use all sorts of effects to change the lighting. I use the Matte effect. Easy to download. Anyhow, I hope that helps!
    Can't wait to see. I am so excited to get my loot in the mail. But it may take some time, since we are so far apart!


  8. Not sure what type of camera you use, if it's a point and shoot you're very limited. You might want to read the manual that came with your camera, they might have a suggestion or setting.
    When I shoot indoors I always put my camera on a tripod and if there's enough light I try never to use the flash. Natural light is always best.

    This pic I took of my tree last year, I had enough light, both natural and over head, but my camera was on a tripod and I shot it using a slow shutter speed.

  9. Sorry no picture taking tips from me,but your decorations are looking great. Love the photo with the candles and your tree looks nice in the corner. Will look forward to seeing it with the lights!

  10. Here is one of my pictures of our tree from last year.

    I need to do this years myself. Anyway, I have a dslr so it might not work for you unless you have one too, or at least a p&s with adjustable settings.

    So to capture this image I set my shutter speed to "bulb" but use the slowest setting you can.
    Then set up on a tripos or a very stable surface. Then used a remote release, if you don't have on just quickly press the shutter release.
    Then press it again after say 20-30 second. I think I got mine on a 19 second release. As you can see the tree looks great, my kiddo was a bit wiggly so he looks a tad blurry.
    Better to do this type of pic with out a moving person to wiggle around!

    Good luck! If this isn't what you're looking for then I also agree with whoever posted about setting a lamp close by out of the shot so the flash doesn't deploy!

    Merry Christmas! <3

  11. love the look you are going to acheive - sounds a delight :)

    I have the wee giveaway up and running re the second lot of tags - thanks very much le xoxo

  12. I can't wait to see your 'good' I think these shots look marvelous.

  13. I can't believe you have so many mantels! you lucky girl :)

  14. My camera has a 'night' setting on it, and I found it worked the best to take a piccy of the tree. I'm on your FB list, if you want to see what photo's the night setting took.

  15. I just LOVE your blog and your images, I love your taste, see you take care /Christmas hug from marie /Sweden

  16. Beautiful blog and really lovely Christmas tags (that I am hoping to win at Le's blog!)

    Merry Christmas!

  17. LOVE THESE... you are great ness xx

  18. You choose really beatiful images! Love it!


  19. Thanks for all of your comments about this. I am trying them all out and also trying to find my manual for this little point and shoot camera of mine. I will let you know tomorrow if it worked =0)
    Ness xx

  20. If you have an SLR - put it on P mode and set your ISO to the highest number it has..may need to use tripod or rest it on a chair, table as the shutter speed might be too slow to hand hold. Good luck, post any good ones.


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