Thursday, December 16, 2010

Simply Christmas...

Not quite sure where I picked up these images from, you know when you are in a frenzied inspiration clicking stupor and you forget to add where it came from?
Yeah ones of those times.
This room is wonderful, white, wreathy, windowy and mantel fine =0)
Look at this aspect of the same home. Different room, but oh so lovely still.
Not too overdone on the Holiday styling, but still cozy and welcoming and not to forget, beautiful.

Robert Stubbert
Another take on the simple Christmas scheme.
This would be perfect if you are spending the holidays at your holiday home, or shack as we call them here in Australia.
Strung dried orange slices and popcorn garlands and some red apples is all.
When your done, hang them outside and give the birds a treat too.

This is the best simple idea as well.
Old flower frogs used as card holders.
The gorgeous cards are making for a cheap and again simple display.
I really am loving this simple decorating theme this year.
Who needs fuss and fanfare?
All you need is a tree, fairy lights, your family and food.
...and maybe some presents ;0)
Ness xx
yep I made up some words in this post- sorry couldnt help it


  1. Very pretty Ness. I'm loving the simple and soft too.



  2. oh my goodness ness, you must have read my mind. I stumbled across something tonight, was saving images, and then through to other links, and before I knew it I'd saved all this 'stuff' and had no idea where from! - gorgeous christmas images xx

  3. Perfect Ness, I love this natural look and have used a lot of moss and conifer this year at my maison.

    Leeann x

  4. I am sure we´ve all been there,done that.Sometimes that just happens....but I am glad you shared these pictures even withouth the source,they are beautiful and full of christmas spirit:))))

  5. Ness, I'm sorry to be so bold but do you mind popping over to my blog for a look at my Girl Power suggestion, if you think it is a good idea? I just feel such an urgency to get this started...

  6. Lovely spaces! They look cozy and warm! Have a glorious day, Kellie xx

  7. Ooooooooo so Lovely Photo, Nice
    Ellinors Hus


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